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Imagine for a moment skiing in Antarctica - what destination in the world could be more epic than that? It is indeed possible to ski in the Antarctic - skiing tours are offered there by Ski Antarctica. Skiing in Antarctica is a challenging but liberating experience. There are no ski lifts and almost no infrastructure of any kind. Skiing is done in the more accessible Antarctic Peninsula, where the mountains rise to over 2,000 meters and stretch into the distance for hundreds of miles.

There is even lodging in Antarctica that ranges from limited to luxury. Tourism in Antarctica is very limited. It is limited by a mixture of extreme distances and weather, lack of almost any infrastructure, and treaties designed to protect the continent. A number of countries lay claim to most of Antarctica, but it is governed by the Antarctic Treaty.


Antarctica - The Ultimate Skiing Destination

The only crowds in Antarctica are the groups of penguins one passes by. Ski Antarctica specializes in skiing on the world's seventh and frozen continent. They have over 20 years of experience operating in Antarctica and have been the pioneers in accessing a number of mountains in the Antarctic Peninsula.

In Antarctica, one will find everything from gentle slopes to steep faces.

The skiing expeditions themselves come with a few choices. One can choose to stay in the comfort of the yacht, or one can go ashore and experience a multi-day tent-based adventure on the ice. If one chooses the yacht, one can take day trips to Antarctica from there.

The skiing expedition uses smaller yachts. These yachts are able to access places that larger vessels can not. They have more freedom to go where they want, when they want, and for as long as they want.

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Examples Of Antarctic Ski Expeditions

Expeditions are only for the experienced and the fit. Participants need to have the competence and to be able to exercise self-responsibility in the mountains. The expeditions can be tailored to one's abilities and aspirations, but it's still tough going.

Prices are not listed, and one needs to complete the application form to find out the specifics of the trips.

Antarctic Peninsula - Adventurous Ski Ascents

This expedition is suited for more experienced ski mountaineers. The adventure is strenuous and very bit adventurous. The tour not only explores some lower coastal classics but also heads inland to camp and attempts to ski some higher and more demanding mountains.

  • Duration: 32 Days
  • Descents: Up To 2,000 Vertical Meters
  • Dates: 27 Dec 2022 to 27 Jan 2023

Antarctic Peninsula - Classic Ski Ascents

This adventure is for competent ski mountaineers and focuses on the ski mountaineering classics of the Antarctic Peninsula. The expedition uses the yacht "Icebird" as a mobile base camp and goes out every day for single-day ski ascents.

  • Duration: 33 Days
  • Dates: 14 Nov to 16 Dec 2022

The tour also aims for at least one multi-day trip and to establish a high glacier camp and see some summits away from the coast.

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Extreme Destinations Offered By Ski Antarctica

Ski Antarctica offers extreme ski expeditions to three destinations - the Antarctic Peninsula, South Georgia, and the Patagonian Fjords.

The Antarctic Peninsula:

The Antarctic Peninsula is a dramatic landscape with its imposing mountains soaring to almost 3,000 meters. The peninsula is not only the most accessible part of the continent, but it also offers the best backcountry skiing on the continent. The waters are also rich around here, being home to penguins, whales, and seals.

South Georgia:

Fans of David Attenborough's nature documentaries may be familiar with the dramatic British Overseas Territory of South Georgia. The mountains rise straight out of the sea and soar up to heights of 2,935 meters.

The island is home to hundreds of thousands of King penguins and has some of the most abundant wildlife in the Sub-Antarctic region.

The Patagonian Fjords:

While the Patagonian Fjords are located out of the Antarctic region, they are one of the world's last great wildernesses. They are extremely difficult to get to by land, with most people visiting them by ship and yacht.

Trips to the Patagonian Fjords are less ski-focused. Instead, they are more of an all-around adventure with kayaking, hiking, skiing, and more. See the stunning wildlife that includes whales and sea lions in the fjords, condors overhead, and lush rainforests ashore.