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Thinking of visiting Wales? Pembrokeshire is a county in southwestern Wales and is famous as one of the most stunning locations in Wales. It is home to Pembrokeshire Coast National Park (one of the first national parks in the United Kingdom). Wales is a country lost in time - it even has the largest density of castles of anywhere in Europe.

Apple Camping is a very unusual place that seeks to offer some unique accommodation options with UFOs, airplanes, Pacman, and other places to stay. They are set on taking glamping to a whole new level. Without a doubt, Apple Camping has to be one of the most surreal campsites in the United Kingdom. Wales has many magical hidden attractions to discover - take time to drive around and discover its hidden gems - like Wale's most photographed house.


Apple Camping's Surreal Welsh Glamping

Wales' Pembrokeshire is a timeless and stunning place with many quaint Welsh towns to discover. It also has the famous 190-mile Pembrokeshire Coast Path to explore. The county's beaches have won many awards, and the diverse geography of the place is full of geological features, habitats, and wildlife.

Apple Camping is the perfect base for exploring the stunning region of Pembrokeshire. It is only 10 minutes from the beach and only 10 minutes drive from Oakwood (Wales's largest theme park).

They boast a lear jet, a UFO, Pacman, a decommissioned Etihad Airbus, A Geodesic Dome, and The Witches Hat Log cabin. If that's not enough, they also have the Apple Chapple The Disco Church.

Guests can also make use of the large farmhouse attached to the site. The place is also available for rent for events and sleeps 12. The three yurts sleep 2-6 people.

It is not possible to discuss all their accommodation options here, but here are two of their more remarkable options - the UFO and The Arabian Nights Airbus.

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UFO In South Pembrokeshire

Imagine staying in a UFO near the seaside resorts of Tenby and Saundersfoot. The UFO is one-of-a-kind and sleeps four right in the heart of the stunning region of South Pembrokeshire. From the UFO, the white sandy beaches and timeless harbors are just a few minutes drive away.

The spaceship has a double bed and two single beds (they can be used as sofas). Linen is provided, but guests need to bring their own towels.

The UFO comes with a dining area, wardrobe, and some basic facilities like a microwave and a kettle. Cooking can be done outside the spaceship. Cooking facilities include a covered BBQ area and are fairly basic.

  • Price: Starts From £169 ($195) per night for two people
  • Extra Person: From £20 ($23) per Night
  • Sleeps: Four

Well-behaved dogs are also permitted at the UFO for an extra £10 per stay, max two dogs.

For a nostalgic touch, there is also a monitor for gaming classic 80s games like space invaders and defender. The UFO also has the unlikely feature of an escape hatch in case of emergency.

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The Arabian Nights Airbus

Apple Camping has acquired an ex-Ethiad commercial airliner and transformed it into original Welsh accommodation. The Arabian Nights Airbus includes only the fuselage (the wings etc., have been removed) and is fully self-contained with many of its original characteristics.

The kitchen area is flanked by functional aircraft cabin doors, and the kitchen galley is modified for full use. One of its two aircraft lavatories has been converted into a fully operating hot water shower, while the other serves as the toilet.

There has been attention to detail, and it still has aisle dolly trolleys. All 26 windows still have their original pull-down blinds, and all overhead storage remains untouched. It is heated and newly carpeted. The front cross-section of the fuselage has been finished with large, tilting double-glazed windows.

  • Price: Starts From £179 ($208) per night for two people
  • Extra Person: From £20 ($23) per Night
  • Sleeps: Four

The main fuselage is now an open-plan bedroom and living room area. It has two single beds and a sofa bed.

It is one of two air-plane accommodations that they have. They also have the JetStar - a converted private jet with a fully functional cockpit. Guests can even play Xbox 360 flight games while sitting in the pilot or co-pilot's seat.