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Travelers have probably seen all the famous deserts and canyon lands, but Utah's Glen Canyon stands out. This is a unique and diverse park that can be a little intimidating to those who are new to the area. The canyon is spread across an area that is roughly four times the size of Texas, so adventurers can explore it in different ways. The blue waters of Lake Powell and the hoodoos of Navajo Mountain make it one of Utah's most popular tourist attractions. But if visitors are planning to explore this place, here are different ways to make the most out of the adventure safely.


This Is How To Reach Glen Canyon

Known for its magnificent grandeur, the Glen Canyon National Recreation Area touches the southern part of Utah and north-central Arizona. Here are different ways tourists can access Glen Canyon.

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By Boat

Only boats are available for transportation between Lake Powell backcountry and marinas. In Glen Canyon National Recreation Area, boating is a popular activity. Nearly two million tourists take advantage of Lake Powell's deep blue waters by renting or using private boats. On Lake Powell, there are five marinas, four of which provide launch ramps for private boats.

By Car

Glen Canyon National Recreation Area has six entrances. In Arizona, there are Lees Ferry, Wahweap, and Antelope Point. Travelers from Utah can access the place via Lone Rock Beach, Bullfrog, and Halls Crossing. Wahweap, near Page, is the most commonly used entrance.

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Road access to Lake Powell is limited. Activities are focused on the western end, near Page, where there are numerous beaches, resorts, marinas, and campgrounds along the shoreline. At Hite, at the far northeast end of the lake, there are rudimentary services and a few trails leading to the water body. However, lower water levels have placed this village fairly far from the shoreline in recent years. There are also paved access roads from Bullfrog marina to Halls Crossing marina.

Glen canyon has several unpaved roads through the lakefront. However, these roads are designed for four-wheel drive vehicles only. Still, regular cars can drive through Smoky Mountain Road near the western end. This gives travelers access to a few beaches before the route swings north toward Escalante.

By Plane

Through Phoenix and Las Vegas, scheduled flights take passengers to Page Airport, where they can rent a car. Travelers can also take advantage of the shuttle services provided by Lake Powell Resort, which is just a few miles away.

Charter flights from Page and Salt Lake City to other parts are available. Bullfrog, Hite, and Escalante have landing strips. The Cal Black Memorial Airport is about 10 miles from Halls Crossing.

Here Are Some Tips For Visiting Glen Canyon

Before traveling, planning on how to keep safe and knowing the limits can mean the difference between a nice trip and a heat-related emergency.

Regardless of the presence of a massive lake, this is always a desert. Vacationers need to stay hydrated by drinking plenty of water. It’s also advisable to consume salty snacks to replenish electrolytes lost via sweating. Visitors should wear caps, light loose clothing, and sunscreen. Having an understanding of the symptoms of heat and cold disorders is key. Tourists should avoid leaving children or pets in parked vehicles.

Cultural sites are both vulnerable and priceless. Glen Canyon is home to places with strong tribal links. Guests should not disturb or destroy artifacts, structures, rock art, or carvings.

There's nothing worse than hiking or boating and coming across floating rubbish along the route. Tourists need to remove and pack out all trash to show respect for the natural area and the wildlife that lives there.

Several people drowned in Lake Powell because they were not wearing life jackets. Every person on a boat must wear a life jacket of the correct size for maximum safety while having fun.

If vacationers are planning to visit Glen Canyon during the summer, it’s good to make bookings for houseboats and powerboats early. Guests should also make reservations for hotel rooms or campsite sites ahead of time.

The weather on Lake Powell can change suddenly. Visitors ought to keep an eye on the sky and follow the National Weather Service's recommendations.

Except for archeological sites, marinas, docks, and launch ramps, pets are permitted in most areas of Glen Canyon National Recreation Area. They are also not allowed in Orange Cliffs and some areas around Cathedral Wash.

This Is The Best Time To Visit Glen Canyon

Glen Canyon's weather is characteristic of the high desert. Summers are scorching, with little or no shade. Winters are mildly cold, with nighttime temperatures falling below the freezing point. The weather in the spring is highly unpredictable, with long bouts of wind. But fall is an ideal time to avoid the extreme heat and crowds.

For travelers making vacation arrangements, one of the top destinations to consider should be the Glen Canyon. It's well-known for its magnificent scenery and otherworldly attractions. It offers plenty of activities, including kayaking through narrow passages, hiking along cliffs, boating, and camping.