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Punta Cana is one of the Dominican Republic’s most beautiful resort destinations and boasts the country’s biggest airport to match its place on tourists' radar. Despite this, many travelers fly into the capital airport of Santo Domingo for the fact that it may be a better arrival option from certain departure countries and US states, not to mention more affordable - sometimes.

Whether one intends to fly into the Dominican Republic to stay in Santo Domingo, or head onto Punta Cana and is in need of travel solutions, this Caribbean nation’s chief airport is a popular choice for arrivals - and there’s more than one way to get to the resorts and beaches of Punta Cana without having to fly to its respective airport.


From flights, private transfers, shared rides, taxi cabs, and even public transport, the following sections cover the best, easiest, and even the most adventurous methods of getting from Santo Domingo Las Americas International airport near the country's capital city to the stunning holiday resort area of Punta Cana.

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Domestic Flights From Santo Domingo Airport To Punta Cana

The obvious and quickest method of going from Santo Domingo to Punta Cana is by air, and average tickets starting from about 245 USD per way isn't anything to scoff at. Still, there are limited flights on this route currently; the only airline operating Santo Domingo SDQ to Punta Cana PUJ at the moment is TUI Fly with just two direct flights each week. Nevertheless, this finite schedule could change in the future, so t's always a good idea for Dominican Republic guests to check every now and then.

At present, Santo Domingo to Punta Cana Flights departure times vary , with the earliest leaving at 1:40 pm and the latest setting off at 3:40 pm 13:40 - 15:40. Plus, the flight transit is so quick there's barely any time for a coffee on board; it takes approximately one hour and 25 minutes and covers 138 kilometers (86 miles), turning what could be a relatively long journey in the tropical heat into a literal breeze.

Airport Transfer From Las Americas International Airport Santo Domingo To Punta Cana

Jetsetters heading to Punta Cana might find it cost-effective to enter the Dominican Republic at Santo Domingo’s Las Americas International Airport. Still, the costs involved in getting to Punta Cana from the capital's airport through the various transfer options still need to be taken into account. In any case, should holidaymakers decide to get to Punta Cana from Santo Domingo, they'll need to know how to do it - and there are various ways.

Private Transfer From Santo Domingo Las Americas International Airport To Punta Cana

Inarguably, the easiest way to get from Santo Domingo Las Americas Airport to Punta Cana is the smoothest and most comfortable: private transfer. Arrivals are greeted by a driver holding a sign with their name on it who waits in the arrival hall for their fatigued holidaymakers to show their faces. The driver then takes the tired travelers to an air-conditioned vehicle, and off they go to Punta Cana on smooth journey that lasts around two to three hours - traffic-dependent, of course. Sounds seamless, doesn't it? Of course, it's a hassle-free, no-waiting-around way of getting from A to B (with B being Punta Cana) without the burdensome stress of hanging around for others or adventuring it on public transport in the sweltering heat.

Private transfer as a straightforward and trouble-less choice gets even easier when Punta Cana resorts and hotels are usually deemed the same destination; be the end goal a resort in Cap Mana, Bavaro, Macao, or Cabeza de Toro, these places tend to be treated one and the same by private transfer companies. However, Uvero Alto is a little bit further than the others, so it's advisable to check prices if one's hotel is located in that part of Punta Cana since a ride there might be slightly pricer. Speaking in terms of averages, private Transfers from Las Americas Airport to Punta Cana typically range from 150 to 170 USD per vehicle one way, accommodating up to four or six passengers.

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Private Transfer From Santo Domingo City To Punta Cana

The starting point isn't always the airport; what if one's already in the city of Santo Domingo and needs to reach Punta Cana and its delightful all-inclusive resorts? As with journeying from the capital city's aviation hub, private transfer is still the best option; passengers can get a private ride from wherever they want in Santo Domingo and be dropped off at any of the Punta Cana resorts, no matter which area their resort is situated in.

On average, prices fluctuate between 150 and 180 USD each way, and the ride will take between two and a half to three and a half hours, depending on traffic. Like in any city, it's best to avoid making the trip to Punta Cana during Santo Domingo's bustling rush hours, which are normally between 7 am and 9 am and 4 pm to 7 pm every day, lest passengers be up for a lengthier journey (just make sure the vehicle has air-con in that case!)

Shared Shuttle From Santo Domingo Las Americas International Airport To Punta Cana

Should a private transfer be a little out of one's budget, a shared airport shuttle is an excellent alternative and still gets travelers to Punta Cana from Santo Domingo airport in a timely manner in comfort. The only downside of this option is that folks will likely be sitting next to other vacationers during the ride - but that's hardly a bad thing, especially for social butterflies on vacay. Another benefit of a shared shuttle lends potentially high savings for travelers in low numbers, such as parties of one or two people, because there's no need to hire an expensive private transfer, which would be costly for solos and couples.

Instead, travelers spread the cost of the journey to Punta Cana by splitting the overall price of the ride, translating to around 40 to 50 USD per person depending on the season. Usually, the shared shuttle company combines your booking with others heading to Punta Cana, which allows everyone to share and save on the same journey; however, instances where a shared shuttle ends up with one booking isn't all that uncommon, meaning it is indeed possible to bag a 'private' transfer while paying the shared shuttle price - but travelers won't find out until they get in the vehicle!

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Taxi From Santo Domingo Las Americas International Airport To Punta Cana

Taking a standard taxi from Santo Domingo airport to Punta Cana is yet another incredibly easy option. Air-conditioned taxi cabs constantly wait outside the building 24/7 for arrivals who may not have booked their transfer beforehand, which is handy for the spontaneous folks who don't particularly plan ahead of time. The taxi ranks are easy to find; simply exit the arrivals terminal, and there'll be a long line of taxis waiting, no matter what time of day one lands.

Although, plainly put, arrivals taking a taxi directly outside the airport risk paying higher for their ride since there's profit to be made from the sense of urgency to get to the resorts of Punta Cana - business is business, after all. Many repeat guests of Santo Domingo airport - as well as the locals themselves - don't recommend taking an airport taxi if remaining budget-friendly is a priority; official taxi prices aren't displayed anywhere and there are no set flat rates, which means cabs can pretty much charge what they want when they feel like it, with quotes of 200 USD and upwards allegedly being served to arrivals without a pre-booking who've waltzed up to the taxi stand to scope out a ride to their Punta Cana resort - a trip that takes a couple of hours on a normal traffic day.

That's why it's useful to be aware of what a 'fairer' price tag for the taxi journey from the airport to Punta Cana would be. Hint: it averages between 130 USD to 180 USD, although this may change depending on the time of year.

How To Go From Santo Domingo To Punta Cana Via Public Transport

Hectic the voyage may be, but it is possible to get to Punta Cana from Santo Domingo using public transport - although it's neither simple nor convenient. It'll also take at least five hours - and that's on a good day of traffic, so choose this route wisely; it's not for the weary traveler lugging heavy bags who gets stressed out easily. First of all, the inital step is to get from Santo Domingo airport to Santo Domingo city, and there are two ways of doing so. Travelers hauling baggage should hop in a taxi, an Uber, or a pre-booked private transfer to Parque Enriquillo, which is located in Santo Domingo's center - an area from where public busses to Punta Cana depart every day several times daily. The trip from the airport to this part of the city's core would normally cost between 30 to 40 USD, with some taxis possibly charging higher - especially Uber drivers who need to make extra profit on top to counteract the app's fees.

The second method of getting from Santo Domingo airport to Punta Cana is only for those without hefty suitcases. Those up for the challenge can take a 'motoconcho' - the name given to the local motorcycle taxis - from Santo Domingo International Airport to the nearby Highway called 'Autopista Las Americas', which only commands around 2 to 5 USD per person. Once there, Punta Cana-bound commuters can take any of the 'guagua' buses setting off for Santo Domingo, which usually costs a mere couple of US dollars - but make sure to ascertain that the bus in question goes to Parque Enriquillo.

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After arriving at Parque Enriquillo in Santo Domingo City, travelers can hop on the Bavaro Express, which goes directly from Santo Domingo to Punta Cana. What's so great about this express bus is that it departs several times a day - usually around six - with service hours normally running between 7 am and 4 pm daily; however, the schedule is subject to change occasionally, which was particularly the case during the pandemic when fewer buses were in service.

Also, it's crucial to arrive at the bus station at least 30 to 45 minutes before depart because tickets often sell out fast. This is a popular route, so the earlier Punta Cana-goers get there, the less chance they'll have to wait around for a later departure. Plus, one important factor to consider is the time of one's arrival at Santo Domingo airport way before this bus part of the trip has begun; the final service from Parque Enriquillo departs at 4 pm, which means one's flight must land at Santo Domingo airport before 1 pm in order to stand a chance of making it on time to catch the same day's last bus to Punta Cana. Even so, there are tons of cool, fun stuff to do and see in the Santo Domingo if the last but is missed and travelers find themselves having to stay the night; from restaurants and shops to historical sites and charming cultural landmarks, visitors have a lot to discover when killing time in this characterful Caribbean metropolis.

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In any case, travelers on this public bus will be headed straight to Punta Cana from Santo Domingo's Parque Enriquillo without any stops; however, upon arrival in the Punta Cana area, there are a few stop-offs that begin to take place, with one being Punta Cana International Airport along with many of the main resorts. If one's resort isn't on the stop roster, there's no need to panic; most resorts and hotels aren't that far away from any of the usual stops the buses make. Should they not be within comfortable walking distance, taxis are abundant and can take people right to the front door of their accommodation - simply flag down a cab and head to that piece of Punta Cana paradise that's mere minutes away.