Some people have social anxiety while others have foreign food anxiety. It's one thing to visit a place we've always dreamed of visiting, it's another thing entirely when we finally get there are realize that we're facing an entirely different range of cuisines. Of course, this is also half the fun of being in a new place - while everything seems unfamiliar, it's also how we learn and experience new things. There's a sense of thrill and excitement in that but there can also be a sense of hesitation when it comes to ordering something off the menu that we've never heard of.


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So, how do we go about visiting a new country without feeling completely overwhelmed? Simple! There are many things we can do before even leaving our own country and even if you're a take-a-chance type of person, there are still options overseas when it comes to trying new foods. This is completely navigational and with a few easy tips, you'll be trying (and loving) a new cuisine in no time.

Factor Food Research Into Your Vacation Planning

Knowing where, and what, to eat is just as important when planning a vacation as it is to find accommodations that will suit your needs. All-inclusive resorts aside, there will come a point and time while you're abroad that you'll need to find food on the go or a restaurant to stop at for breakfast, lunch, or dinner. When that happens, be prepared!

Research the immediate area you'll be staying in and determine how far it'll be from the restaurants you're eager to try. A great tool for doing this is through Google maps and if you type in the restaurant address on your phone, you'll be able to see every food option available. Simply click, scroll down to read Yelp reviews and find the establishment on Google, and start feeling that peace of mind. If there are a bunch of items on the menu you've never heard of, Google them!

Don't Be Afraid To Talk To The Locals

Even though we live in a world where technology is at its peak performance, having a conversation with someone is still one of the best ways to obtain information. No one will know the area you're staying in like a local, and we can guarantee that this will not be the first time someone has asked them for advice on where to eat.

This will also give travelers a chance to brush up on their foreign languages and have a conversation with someone about the area, in general - this is the first step to making friends in other countries. Just as one would ask for directions on the streets of New York City, asking for opinions or guidance shouldn't be shied away from in a new destination.

Food Markets And Street Vendors Offer Authentic Tastes

When in doubt, head down to the local market! This is where you're bound to find all kinds of food as well as ingredients, which can help give some insight into the regional cuisine. This is also a great place to speak to vendors, as they're the ones who are providing the food and will probably be more than happy to share some facts about what to try.

The other great thing about food markets is that street vendors often sell quick eats there. By this, we mean food carts and even food trucks, depending on the country. This is where travelers can get a taste for something that's truly authentic, as, chances are, those who are cooking it have been doing so for some time now.

Follow Some Food Bloggers Who Have Visited The Country

Another great 'when in doubt' strategy is to check out food bloggers who have actually visited the country that you'll also be vacationing in.

There's no better resource available than the word of others who have done it, and they might even be able to recommend restaurants and dishes within the said restaurants, so you could have an entire meal fully planned out before you even leave.

Consult The Concierge

Lastly, if you happen to be staying at a hotel, consider speaking to the concierge or the front desk. Even hostels will have someone attending the front lobby and they're not just there to check people in.

They're also locals who will undoubtedly have great suggestions in terms of where to eat and what to try, especially for those who have never visited the country before. The last thing you want to do is leave a country before having the chance to experience all its food culture, so don't be afraid to reach out and have conversations!

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