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Greece is known for its cavalcade of undeniably beautiful islands that are famed for having some of the world’s most beautiful beaches—making them a coveted Mediterranean vacation destination. But with so many idyllic islands, it can be hard to choose only one as a home base for the ultimate getaway (though island hopping can be super fun, too!)

However, those looking for just the right mix of relaxation and recreation need to look no further than what may be one of the most colorful islands in the entire Aegean Sea: the stunningly beautiful island of Milos. With its array of dazzling landscapes and charming villages, this OG home of the Venus de Milo is the perfect retreat for travelers looking for an otherworldly getaway that’s so much more than idyllic beaches.


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The Dazzling Sights Of Milos

The spectacular Greek island of Milos is worth visiting if only to appreciate its stunning scenic beauty. Vivid volcanic landscapes coexist with a kaleidoscope of riotous color that dazzle the eye virtually everywhere you look—from cerulean skies and luminous waters shifting from emerald to indigo set to multicolored rocky backdrops; to hidden pirate coves and panoramic views a-plenty, this picturesque pint-sized Aegean beauty is as lovely as any of its (larger) Greek island counterparts.

  • Visit the heart-stopping limestone landscape of Sarakiniko, one of Milos’ most iconic sights. Known for its smooth, curving rock formations meant to resemble the moon’s surface and its clear, turquoise waters, this popular spot is a Milos must-see. Cliff diving, sunsets, shipwrecks, and caves, sunbathing.
  • The best way to appreciate Milos’ singular scenery is by taking a boat tour around some of the island’s most beautiful bays and beaches filled with unforgettable vistas and bright, vivid landscapes—Kleftiko, Sykia Cave, Gerontas, and Gerakas are all popular spots. Swimming, snorkeling, IG-worthy backdrops, hidden caves
  • Explore the syrmata (boathouses built into the rocks) in the lovely fishing villages of Klima, Mandrakia, and Fyropotamos to soak up even more iconic vistas while hiking between the uber-colorful spots. Milos is full of amazing villages that all offer something for everyone, including delish eateries, scenic sights, beautiful beaches, and historical attractions.

Maxing, Relaxing, And Aegean Adventure In Milos

Though its colorful backdrop and iconic vistas are enough to wow any visitor, there are plenty of activities on this lovely island to keep vacationers busy. Whether it’s relaxing beachside or having adventures on land (and sea!), there’s something waiting around every corner of this Aegean treasure.

  • Explore Milos’ capital, Plaka—stroll its cobblestoned streets, sock up its sun-washed 19th-century architecture, or head to the nearby village of Tripiti to explore its catacombs and amphitheater
  • Have a car-free vacation and rent an ATV or scooter instead—some of the best ways to access some of Milos’ most memorable sights and navigate its narrow streets with ease. Head to the former pirate hideout Papafragas, explore the culinary haven of Pollonia or visit Milos’ Little Venice.
  • Beachgoers will find their sun and fun on some of the best beaches in the Cyclades—perfect for spending the day soaking up Milos’ stunning beauty and laid-back island atmosphere. Gerontas, Palaiochori, and Firiplaka are just some of the cozy island’s best beachy spots.
  • Get your scuba on with a dive at the volcanic seabed of Kleftiko, or indulge your inner pirate by exploring an underwater shipwreck or secluded cove. Swim in Papafragas Cave or head out on a kayak adventure to popular spots like Paliohori or Glaronisia.

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Where To Dine In Milos

There’s no shortage of amazing foodie stops in Milos—from authentic Greek mainstays to fresh seafood and creative, colorful fare, the island is well-known for its impressive culinary cred.

  • Seasonal, feel-good food and stunning seaside views make the Trypiti square spot OKTO a must-visit on any Milos trip—and the seafood alone is definitely worth it.
  • The plush, sophisticated setting at Sirocco is only matched by its delightful menu that takes Greek gastronomy to a whole new level.
  • Local fare with farm-to-table flair dominate at the creative and bustling hotspot Oh! Hamos! a super popular spot whose taverna feels complement the traditional cuisine beautifully.
  • Modern takes on classic dishes accompany feel-good vibes and unforgettable views at the incomparable Gialos, located in the picturesque port of Pollonia.

Minos’ Luxe Island Lodgings

The perfect accompaniment to an unforgettable Mediterranean vacation on Milos is a stay in one of the island’s sumptuous lodgings—bursting with distinctive Greek character and sparse yet elegant aesthetics that complement the glorious scenic vistas perfectly; Milos has its fair share of luxe lodgings where visitors can live the island life.

  • Perfect for couples, the adults-only retreat Volcano Luxury Suites Milos is an idyllic getaway that’s the perfect balance of natural beauty and lavish luxury. Rates from $335 and up/night
  • Take Milos’ syrma sightseeing to the next level with an immersive stay at Terra Mare Milos, located in the beautiful village of Mytakas. A true waterfront gem that’s as secluded and lovely as it gets. Rates from $242 and up/night
  • A beautiful natural retreat with panoramic views and all the Aegean Sea charm of Milos at its doorstep, the Skinopi Lodge’s bright and airy accommodations offer the ultimate combo of relaxation and recreation. Contact the hotel directly for rates and availability by phone at +302287022070
  • The stunningly unique architectural gem Milos Cove Inception Resort is in such perfect harmony with its surroundings that it appears to have risen out of the very island itself. Breathtakingly luxe and picturesque, it’s like staying in the very heart of Milos. Rates vary by season but generally start at around $1,000 and up/night.

RELATED: Discover Kea: The Little Known Island Of GreeceOnce home to both the Venus de Milo and Middle Age pirates, the stunning Greek island of Milos’ vividly colorful landscapes and singular beauty is enough to entice any traveler. And with a top-notch cuisine scene, plenty of history, and enough IG-worthy sights to break the internet, this laid-back Aegean gem is a true standout among islands already famed for their dramatic natural beauty—and the perfect place for vacationers to find both relaxation and recreation on an unforgettable Greek getaway.