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Every traveler exploring Thailand is always looking for cheaper, delicious food, and the Sunday Walking Street Market offers plenty of these. Tourists can purchase all kinds of threats from the local vendors, from samosas to fried bananas to fresh fruit shakes, and more. With $2 or less, there is always something to cub one’s hunger or cravings in the market. Other than tasty food, there are plenty of unique goods visitors can peruse in the hundreds of stalls dotted along the main street and side roads. From musical instruments to beautiful paintings and wall hangings to e essential oils, there is a lot to shop for, and no one should get home carrying something nice from this market.


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How To Get To The Market?

The Chiang Mai’s Sunday Walking Street Market is situated at the heart of Chiang Mai City’s central square, making it easily accessible to visitors staying in town. One can walk to the market, rent a bicycle, or use the red cars wandering the city if staying a bit far from town. Travelers can also use Taxis and VCT to get around Chiang Mai and its perfect Sunday Walking Street Market.

  • Opening Hours: Every Sunday from 4:00 pm to 11:00 pm

Shopping At The Market

Shopping at the stalls lining up the streets is, of course, the main highlight of this beautiful Sunday night market. Travelers can buy almost all kinds of items, but handmade items and handicrafts are the main goods travelers will encounter. There is also an array of different types of clothing, including silk shirts, t-shirts, scarves, and skirts, among others. One will see bright-colored clothes sold and accessories in dangly pom-poms. While most of the goods sold here are homemade, travelers will also spot tourist trinkets and other non-home-made staff.

When shopping, travelers can always bargain to a reasonable price, especially when spending a lot in one particular stall before moving to the next.

The Street Food

Travelers can never fall short of tasty food at Chiang Mai’s Sunday Walking Street Market, so be sure to arrive there starving. Between the clothing stalls, visitors will find plenty of food stalls selling all kinds of yummy foods. So, don’t worry, shopping for clothes while eating something is totally acceptable (as long as they are paid for)! There are food halls along the street, usually located near temples. In these places, visitors can find a wide variety of food with seating spaces to eat comfortably. There are also bathrooms here. One of the most popular food halls in the area is Wat Samphao temple, having a wide food vendor selection. Other temples inside the market to buy yummy street food are Wat Si Koet and Wat Phana On.

Enjoy The Entertainment From The Street Musicians

A street fair without some music? Where in the world does that happen? There are many street artists playing music throughout this beautiful market. Because the market is mostly dominated by people from the hill tribe, travelers will witness their traditional music played. But rock blues and rock musicians also entertain visitors as they shop. On Prapokkloa Road, numerous bands play music, and their performance is worth a stop!

Explore The Art Market

There is another street on the side, usually the market for art, and brimming with local paintings. This is part of the larger market and can be reached by following the Prapokkloa Road, and then turning north. There are many pieces of magnificent artwork on display. Chiang Mai Sunday Walking Street Market is the spot where the local artists showcase their crafts work and get some buyers to purchase and commend them for a great job!

Explore The Thai’s Magnificent Temples

Thai’s Chiang Mai is recognized for its numerous Buddhist temples, and honestly, it is almost impossible to pass through its Old Town without spotting a temple. In total, this beautiful city boasts 117 Buddhist temples, and plenty of them are mounted along the Sunday Market. Most of these temples close by 6:00 pm in the evenings, but there are a few of them that remain open till late on Sundays. One of the famous temples along the street is Wat Phantao, a lovely sacred building free for travelers to explore during the weekly market. Wat Phra Singh is another temple to experience in the market. It is located west of Chiang Mai Sunday Walking Street, and it remains open through the night for visitors to witness.

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No shoes or sandals are allowed inside the temples, no matter which one a traveler chooses to experience. They are left outside the temple doors. Before entering any of the temples, one must ensure they dress appropriately; no short skirts, shorts, or sleeveless. Travelers should ensure their clothing covers their knees and shoulders; not exposing their skin.

Shopping or exploring Chiang Mai’s Sunday night market is an experience one is going to relish!