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Australia is a land full of natural wonders, and one of them is the world's largest sand island, Fraser Island. Australia is a very diverse continent with plenty to see and do. It would take a very long time to see and experience even half of what Australia has to offer.

Fraser Island is a unique destination in Australia (and one that is also known for some of the world's best beach fishing). It is also home to one of the riskiest beaches in Australia. The weather is warm and ideal for swimming. Visitors have the choice of swimming in the Pacific Ocean or in one of the world's clearest freshwater lakes.


Fraser Island - The World's Largest Sand Island

Fraser Island (also known as K'gari and Gari) is famous within Australia for its dingo population and is a massive sandy island like no other. It is located around 250 km or 160 miles north of Brisbane and has been UNESCO listed since 1992. Fraser Island is also protected as part of the Great Sandy National Park and is a favorite tourist destination for Aussies.

  • Size: 1,840 km2 (710 sq mi)
  • Dimensions: 123 km long and 22 km wide (76 miles x 14 miles)

Fraser Island is home to a rich ecosystem with mangrove forests, rainforests, eucalyptus woodlands, peat swamps, sand dunes, and other ecoregions.

The island has been slowly building up over the last 750,000 or so years on volcanic bedrock. The bedrock provides a natural catchment for the sediment carried by the ocean.

3-Day Pippies Tag Along Camping Safari

There are a number of 4x4 safaris offered on Fraser Island, and the best way to explore the island is with an off-roading vehicle. The 3-Day Pippies Tag Along Camping Safari offers the ultimate Australian beach 4WD adventure by tag along in a tour driving around Fraser Island. One will be racing the tides and exploring the sand highways before driving the inland tracks on the island.

The tour includes camping at the Cathedrals at a private campsite and visitors to Fraser's top destinations (like Champagne Pools, Eli Creek, and Maheno Shipwreck). The campsite is complete with a natural spring, flushing toilets, a nightly campfire, and more.

  • Cost: Approx. $500 AUD ($348 USD)
  • Campsite: The Only Campsite With a Dingo-Proof Fence
  • Duration: Three Days, Two Nights

The tour includes camping equipment, hot showers, the return barge from Fraser Island, all meals, fuel for vehicles, and more.

The vehicles are Toyota Land Cruisers, either 80 series or 100 series, with the lead vehicle being a Troop Carrier with the capacity for 11 passengers. There are four vehicles in each tour with a maximum of 34 guests.

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2-Day Fraser Bus Explorer + Accommodation

Another option is to take a bus tour package. The 2-Day Fraser Bus Explorer tour explores the island for two full days with a special 4WD bus. The tour has a maximum of 24 people per tour and includes accommodation at the Eurong Beach Resort.

The exact cost of the package varies by season and by the resort room one chooses (there are double rooms, triple rooms, and single room options). The Eurong Beach Resort is situated on the stunning 75-Mile Beach.

  • Cost: Approx. $600 AUD ($420)
  • Departure Days: Tuesdays, Thursdays, Saturdays
  • Duration: 2 Days, One Night
  • Accommodation: At The Eurong Beach Resort

The tour explores the Champagne Pools, Indian Head, and the emerald-green Lake Wabby. It includes breakfast and two lunches (dinner not included), two days exploring Fraser Island, and ferry transfers.

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Activities On Fraser Island

Bring One's Own 4WD

Guided tours are not the only way to enjoy Fraser Island. Of course, the best thing is to bring one's own 4WD vehicle and explore the island of one's own accord. There are plenty of activities on the island as well.

  • 4WD: Needed To Explore Fraser Island
  • Seventy-Mile Beach: An Actual Highway

It should be noted that sandy Fraser Island is strictly a 4WDing territory. Interestingly, Seventy-Five Mile Beach is actually designated as an actual highway running along the surf side of the island. The tracks that explore the interior's lakes and rainforests are also sand tracks.

Speed Limits:

  • Inland Roads: 35 km/h (22 mph)
  • Seventy-Five Mile Beach: 80 km/h (50 mph)

Additionally, vehicle access permits are required for all vehicles coming onto the island.

Whale Watching

The island's Hervey Bay is considered the Whale Watch Capital of the World, thanks not just to the number of whales found there but also to the calm and safe waters where one can see them.

It is estimated that over 1,500 majestic humpback whales visit Hervey Bay as they migrate southwards to Antarctica. As they rest on their long journeys, they shelter in the lee of Fraser Island for between two days and two weeks.

  • Season: August, September, and October

Whale watching in Australia is strictly regulated so as not to disturb the mighty whales.