Dublin is a wonderful city with remarkable buildings, towering architecture, well-made beer, and attractive sites. It is located on Ireland's east coast by the Liffey River. The Phoenix Park, a vast urban park that also houses the Dublin Zoo is one of its most popular attractions. The Phoenix Monument, the Papal Cross, Dublin Castle, and many other attractions should be on tourists' must-see lists.A tour to Dublin should involve a stop at St. Patrick's Cathedral, Ireland's tallest and largest church. However, there are also activities to do in Dublin which are not necessarily touristy but will allow the traveler to explore the city in-depth and, perhaps, feel how it is to live here as a non-tourist. Here are some non-touristy activities to do in Dublin if travelers want to get to know the city’s hidden treasures.


The Non-Adventurous Activities

These are activities that are not as touristy for a non-touristy stay in Dublin. They are also budget-friendly and teach the traveler more about the culture and way of living in Dublin

Go To A General Post Office Tour

On O’Connell Street, the General Post Office is part of Dublin's most recognizable structures. This two-hour tour allows travelers to view the workplace from the inside. Through storytelling and historical relics, as well as the use of the Morse code and interactive maps, visitors may learn about the events surrounding the 1916 Easter Rising and Easter Week. This complete experience will give guests a true sense of what was going on at the time. The tour is appropriate for people of all ages.

Guide Tips:

  • Open between 8:30 AM to 6 PM Monday to Saturday
  • Prices start at $2 per person

Enjoy A Good Laugh At An Irish Comedy Show

This is an excellent option if guests want a short and enjoyable trip. Guests will get to listen to a humorous guide talk about Ireland's history and culture in a comedic skit of fifty minutes. A great place to watch a show is the Craic Den Comedy Club where travelers will have plenty of opportunities to laugh and enjoy a small talk about the Irish weather, among other things. The trip is perfect for families because it starts with a gathering in a typical Irish bar and ends with seats in a unique theatrical environment. Travelers should be aware that, despite the fact that there is a bar, alcohol and drinks are not part of the tour ticket.

Guide Tips:

  • Prices begin at $10 per tour per person
  • The duration of the show is usually 2 to 3 hours

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Sway Along To Music At An Irish Dance Party

Travelers can go dancing to some good music at an Irish dance party. Irish people are known for their ability to have a good time. While seeing Dublin's various sights is interesting, travelers will not be disappointed if they decide to join an Irish dancing party. The ride is two hours long and will provide travelers with an enjoyable afternoon of dancing and laughter. Travelers will witness put-together dance acts, learn and practice Irish dance moves, enjoy live music, and discover fascinating facts about Irish dance and its musical history. Reserve a table at Dublin's Celt Bar throughout the Irish dance party. The food and beverages aren’t a part of the party ticket fee, but there is a bar and food menu available for those who want to eat.

Guide tips:

  • Pre-booking is recommended
  • Tickets start at $13 and $11 for students (must present an identity card)
  • Activity occurs between 3 PM to 5 PM daily

Tour At Croke Park Stadium And Enjoy Some Gaelic Football

This one is a thrilling adventure for sports fans – taking a tour of Croke Park Stadium. Attendees will be treated to a two-hour led tour of Croke Park Stadium, Ireland's largest and most iconic stadium. The trip includes information on Gaelic games, a visit to the Gaelic Athletic Association headquarters, hurling, and Gaelic football practice at the Gaelic Athletic Association interactive museum. The stadium expedition also consists of a look inside the VIP section and the locker rooms of the teams. This will be a fantastic experience for both sports lovers and children.

Travelers can continue to enjoy a game of Gaelic football firsthand. If a traveler enjoys sports, spending time outside, and is an outdoor person who is always up for a challenge – this is a perfect option for them. This three-hour game will immerse anyone in the spirit of traditional Irish sports. The trip begins with a round of training on how to play Gaelic football, handball, and hurling, followed by a field session where everyone may put their talents to the test. This excursion is suitable for people of all ages and levels of experience. Travelers may take their whole family or friends with them. Refreshments are offered throughout the event.

Guide Tips:

  • Tickets start from $11 for adults and $7.60 for kids
  • There are family tickets that are available at lower prices

Let The Kid In You Take Control (The Adventurous Activities)

The following activities allow the traveler to travel back in time and unleash the fun and happy kid in them. These are much-needed stress relievers if travelers are looking to unwind.

Take A Horse Riding Trip From Dublin To Wicklow County

This is the perfect tour for a traveler who wants to trade the hustle and bustle of the town experience for a day in the center of stunning, natural countryside, taking a horse riding trip to Wicklow County. A day of horseback rides over the Wicklow Mountains National Park just south of Dublin. The journey also includes a launch stop in Enniskerry at the expense of the traveler, as well as a visit to a 60th-century abbey near Glendalough. The community is also recognized for being the settling for hit films. The journey begins with participants being picked up early in the morning in Dublin and concludes in the night with a drive filled with gorgeous scenery back to Dublin.

Guide Tips:

  • Prices start from $126 per person for a day tour
  • Open daily
  • The daily tour is usually 8 hours

Hike Along The Dublin Coastline

The Dublin Bay fifteen-kilometer coastal stroll begins on O’Connell Street in Dublin and continues via the Dublin Docks, the Liffey River, and the East Link Bridge before ending at Dun Laoghaire. This hike is suitable for anybody with a fair degree of fitness. In addition, participants must have proper shoes. Everyone must be at least 18 years old. The route is gorgeous, and there are numerous restaurants along the way, so travelers may have substantial dinner and a drink once they arrive at their destination.

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Go Paddling Through Dublin

One of Dublin's most popular attractions is the Liffey River, and travelers get a chance to experience it in a personal and new way by paddling in the river. Here, travelers will meet a guide in Dublin City Moorings and then embark on a unique exploration of Dublin and its major monuments. On a kayak, travelers will navigate their way around the city’s center. It is a must to carry a towel or a change of clothing and footwear because travelers will most likely get wet throughout the trip. This is an ideal excursion for groups of friends or family.

Guide Tips:

  • Adults: 16 to 80 years
  • Children: 8 to 15
  • Prices vary, its best to contact them before the visit

This is a great trip for people who enjoy learning about other people’s cultures and want to be a part of them to feel the experience and learn it first-hand. With these experiences, there is comfort while still being a part of a larger culture. These are a must-try for travelers.