It would be super easy if we could wave a magic wand and grant our loved ones all the travel wishes they want but, unfortunately, that's not how the world works. However, we can take our own individual actions to make special days, such as Mother's Day, feel even more special, despite the fact that travel still isn't quite where we want it to be. Rather than stressing over how you'll make your travel-loving, wanderlusting mom smile this year, we've got a few tips up our sleeves.

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Whether the plan is to stay home or find something low-risk to do, we've got the pieces you need to make a full picture out of the puzzle that is Mother's Day.

Plan An At-Home Spa Day With International Touches

How might one go about doing this, you might ask? Simple! The word 'international' simply means incorporating ideas from other countries into your own home and, by extension, spa day.

This could mean cooking an amazing vegetarian meal that's inspired by India or using scents such as lavender and thyme that evoke images of the French countryside. It could even mean taking inspiration for spa treatments, such as Dead Sea mud mask, from Israel. There's no shortage of ways that an at-home spa can be inspired by the world around it!

Emboss Or Customize A Travel Journal, Then Fill It With Photos And Memories

Getting mom a travel journal is one thing but having it customized with an important quote, saying, or just her name will make it personal. And it can be even more personal if you take the first step to fill it with written memories of travels together or photos of previous travels.

Not only is this an amazing keepsake but it will also inspire the mom in your life to continue writing and recording memories in the journal and, every time she does, it'll remind her of you.

Try Cooking A New Cuisine Together

In the same thought that inspired the worldly spa, why not try tackling a new cuisine together? It could be a twist on a restaurant the two of you have frequented often or something entirely different as long as you do it together.

It could be as simple as making an authentic Naples-style pizza or as complex as taking on the most iconic Japanese dishes. Whatever it is, be sure that there's no stress when it comes to finding ingredients and cooking equipment - anything that can be done beforehand, should be, so that when Mother's Day is finally here, all that's left to do is cook and eat!

Spend The Day Hiking Somewhere New

Nothing is as freeing to the mind and nurturing to the soul as going on a hike. If the weather is good and the conditions are right, there's no sense in spending the day inside. A little fresh air is good for everyone and - CDC guidelines permitting - a new hike is an adventurous and fun way to spend the day.

It doesn't even need to be something with a great payoff like hiking to a mountain summit for the view; it can be something as simple as following a lakeside trail or taking some time to explore the nearby woodlands. To make the day even more special, pack a lunch and find a pretty spot to stop off and eat - there's nothing like taking in the views after some hard work with mom's favorite takeout or meal.

Take A Day Trip With No Specific Destination In Mind

While an actual vacation might be out of the question there's no reason a day trip should be! From the safety of the car, simply plan a trip to nowhere. And by this, we mean start driving and use a GPS or guidebook to see what there is along the way.

It could mean going an hour outside of town or three hours but, wherever you end up, be sure to find a souvenir, some good food, and voila - it's a day that was spontaneous, fun, and will always be remembered as something different and new.

Plan A Future Trip Together

Travel is challenging right now and while we want nothing more than to be able to hop on a plane and know that everyone will be safe, it's just not a reality quite yet. With that being said, there's no reason that a trip can't be planned in advance.

Cozy up in your most comfortable clothes, order takeout, lounge around, and start planning a destination the two of you would love to visit. Research things to do, budget for hotels or rentals, and have it all laid out - when it is safe to go, you'll be all set!

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