Unlike other states that attract tourists in the summer, Rhode Island is known for its fall festivals. September through October offer travelers the best experiences in this tiny state. Some reasons for visiting Rhode Island in the fall include the cooler weather, fall foliage, and smaller crowds, as most people don't consider the season ideal for traveling. Guests intending to visit Rhode Island in the fall should try one of the following ten activities.

10 Jack-O-Lantern Spectacular

One of the most popular events in Providence is associated with the Halloween scene. Every fall, a gallery with 5,000 carved pumpkin lanterns lights up Roger Williams Park Zoo. Tourists enjoy the theme as they walk through the zoo. The glowing pumpkins are complemented by special lighting effects on the Wetland Trail. These decorations create a vibrant Halloween experience. While this festival is targeted at families, it can be considered romantic by some couples since it gives them ample time to stroll through the enchanted park without a care in the world.

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9 Wine-Tasting In Newport

One of the must-do things in Newport is attending a food-tasting festival, the Annual Mansions Food, and Wine Festival. It attracts huge crowds to this ocean-side city. Guests get to sip hundreds of award-winning wines as they lounge on the lawn or engage in a cooking demonstration. Couples can explore additional activities during this festival, such as enjoying the view of the gilded-age mansions at New Port.

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8 Take A River Cruise

This is the only river cruise along the Blackstone River. Tourists will enjoy a guided tour that lasts about 45 minutes, passing along some of the most historical sites in Rhode Island. It'll allow tourists to explore the island's industrial revolution past. Tourists vacationing as a group don't have to worry about cruising together as the riverboat can accommodate 40 passengers at a time. It sails on all Sundays between summer and mid-October.

7 Driving Through Newport

Guests that have had enough of cruising or flying but would still like to explore Rhode Island's industrial past should try the good ol' driving. There are some legitimate reasons why it's one of the best ways to explore the island, including its small size and the opportunity to visit and stop at any historical landmark. Driving along the coastline offers a memorable experience as the tourists can enjoy the views of the ocean on one side and the state on the other. Those who decide to go down this route should try meandering through Ocean Drive and Middletown.

6 Experience Oktoberfest

Oktoberfest is considered a key highlight of the fall in Rhode Island. While the specific date shifts, there's always a chance it'll coincide with Columbus Day weekend. Tourists who want a fun-filled event should travel to the island a few days before to rest before the big festival. Some cool activities include local, season, craft, and imported brews. They'll have a chance to indulge in German favorites served by food trucks. It'll be an opportunity to enjoy autumn libations and Bavarian-American entertainment.

5 Pick Apples In An Orchard

Rhode Island is popular for its apples which grow in the warm summer and are picked in the fall. Regardless of one's vacationing spot in the state, there's a good chance of locating an orchard nearby. Guests looking for a more homely experience should look for a family farm that allows apple picking. Those who want a more refined experience should locate a more commercial setting such as Sweet Berry Farm.

4 Enjoy The Seafood Festival

While the island has dozens of festivals to enjoy throughout the fall, the seafood event is a must-try. It takes place on the weekend following Labor Day at India Point Park. Guests who don't want to travel much to get to Rhode Island but would still want to participate should book a hotel in Providence. The event's highlight is live local music playing in the background as participants sample some of the best seafood Northeast offers.

3 Hike Along The Breakheart Trail

Rhode Island has some incredible hiking trails with an Atlantic coastline. The Breakheart Trail gives tourists an opportunity for a moderate challenge, ideal for anyone looking to keep fit on vacation. One of the main reasons to hike over driving is to experience the surreal beauty of the trees changing colors. Many natural and artificial ponds around the Breakheart Trail have no bugs or mosquitos, so there's no need for repellant gels.

2 Visit Block Island

Rhode Island is interesting since it has its own subsidiary archipelago, Block Island. A ferry ride bridges the two islands. While travel between Rhode Island and Block Island peaks in summer, the fall is the perfect time for tourists that would rather avoid the long queues. It's a good idea to bring a rented bike along for exploration. Tourists interested in this excursion should try to catch the "Taste of Block Island" festival every September.

1 Go To The Fair

Newport hosts the Cluny Country Fair during the last weekend of every September. It's a fun-filled activity that families and couples are likely to enjoy. The main activities include carnival games, eating yummy dishes, face painting, and small rides. The Cluny Country Fair allows guests to indirectly give back to the community as the proceeds go to Cluny School.