Along with being the oldest city in the country, St. Augustine is also overwhelmingly pet-friendly. It's known as a haven for more than one type of furry friend, attracting dog owners and lovers alike. When it comes to deciding on a Florida city to visit with one's pup, St. Augustine should be at the top of the list, if only for all of its pet-friendly accommodations and amenities.

From hotels to dog-friendly beaches, St. Augustine truly has it all for four-legged friends. Dogs are more than welcome on many of its sandy shores and the city is even home to pet-friendly restaurants, which means dog owners don't need to leave their pups behind!


Pet-Friendly Activities In St. Augustine

The best thing about vacationing in St. Augustine with one's dog is that it's full of pet-friendly activities to take advantage of. Visiting the beach might be the most popular Florida activity but in this city, everything becomes a welcome space for dogs and their owners.

Exploring Pet-Friendly Downtown With Pups

Downtown St. Augustine is perfectly pet-friendly, especially for those who are walking their dogs down St. Georgia, Hypolita, or Aviles Street. All of these offer pet-friendly stops, so owners can feel at ease when visiting some of their shops and restaurants. It's also not unusual for one to find other pups along the way so if one's dog happens to be a social butterfly, this is a great way to socialize.

Only well-behaved dogs are permitted on ghost tours of St. Augustine.

Finding Pet-Friendly Parks In St. Augustine

One thing that dog owners are always happy to see is a dog park and, luckily, St. Augustine is home to plenty of them! Additionally, these come at no-cost to dog owners, so it's free to let pups run around and enjoy some fresh air. One of the most popular dog parks is Treaty Park, which is located south of town. This dog park is popular thanks to how it's separated, which allows large and small dogs to be grouped together with similar pack sizes. Treaty Park is also home to water fountains, a faux fire hydrant, and a nature trail for those who want a bit of exercise with their pup.

Another popular option is Ron Parker Dog Park, which also offers two separate areas for dogs depending on their size. The park itself features mulched terrain and there's plenty of shade, so this is a great option for St. Augustine's hotter days.

Lastly, Vilano Beach is home to a small dog park at North Shore Park, which is usually less crowded than the others. Pomar Park is home to a dog park, as well, and also features a gazebo and a kiddie pool for pups to cool off.

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Pet-Friendly Restaurants In St. Augustine

With all of that running around, it's not surprising to hear one's stomach rumbling after a trip to the dog park. Luckily, St. Augustine is home to more than 20 restaurants that feature pet-friendly seating and accommodations. These restaurants are more than happy to provide a big bowl of water for their dog guests, as well as treats if they have any on-hand. It's also not uncommon to run into other dog lovers at these restaurants - after all, St. Augustine is one of the most dog-friendly cities in the country!

No matter where one decides to go in St. Augustine, they can be sure that their pup is going to feel right at home in this pet-friendly city. With so many pet-friendly activities to engage in, plenty of pet-friendly restaurants to dine at, and even some popular tourist landmarks and tours to take with one's pup, there's no shortage of things to do there. So for those seeking out Florida's most pet-friendly city, St. Augustine is the clear choice.