One upon a time, travel to Cuba was considered to be forbidden fruit. Thank goodness the times have changed, and Cuba is now on so many people's travel radar. The small, Carribean island has a lot to offer its guests. The sights and scenes are unlike anywhere else on earth, the cuisine is incredible, and the Havana nightlife will leave you with memories that you last you for your entire life.

Once you decide that Cuba is an absolute vacation "must," the question begs: where to stay? Do you go for the high-priced, inclusive resort full of bells and whistles? Or do you choose a more authentic Cuban experience?


Before you decide, here are some typical Cuban activities and their price tags to help you choose how to spend your money while traversing the island. A day in Cuba might be a lot cheaper than you had initially thought if you forgo the resort route.

Sample Street Food All Day Long

Walking around the brightly colored Cuban streets snacking on street food is basically a small slice of heaven on earth. With all of the choices in street cuisine, there is almost no reason ever to sit down and savor a meal. Some popular Cuban street foods include tostones, which are flattened, fried plantains, Hamburguesa de cerdo;  little pork burgers topped with marmalade, cream cheese, or another jam, and pie de coco; tiny little pies with shredded coconut inside. You can't go wrong with Cuban street food.

It's not only flavorful and everywhere, but it's so cheap. A hamburguesa de cerdo will set you back a buck fifty, and a pie de coco will satisfy your sweet tooth for fifteen cents. Other great options are pizza Hawaiiana, batido de guayaba, and of course, the ever-popular churro!

Take Advantage Of The Local Transportation Options

Once you land in Cuba, you'll have to know how to get around the island efficiently. Since you aren't staying on resort property, there will be no easy shuttles and staff to reserve a car service for you. The easiest and cheapest thing to do is to go local. Viazul buses are practical and will take you longer distances, should you choose to see several parts of the island during your stay. The price of bus fare is fifty cents per kilometer. Car rentals, taxis, and trains are other easy, affordable methods of transport.

Hang At A Havana Hostel Or At Casas Particulares

Now that you have decided to go resort free, you have to have a place to stay while touring beautiful Cuba. Hostels are always a fun and affordable choice. Your boarding options will be simple, but many hostels have on property restaurants where you can hang at and meet other travelers from all across the globe. On average, a Cuban hostel will only set you back about thirty-four dollars a night.

An even slightly cheaper option might be to stay in a Casa Paticulares. These are abodes that offer a couple of rooms up for guests, and an additional fee will fill your belly for you. It won't get more authentic than that, and at twenty-five to forty dollars a day, you'll save plenty of money to do other exciting things.

Spend An Evening At  La Bodeguita del Medio

Every vacation destination has its absolute musts when it comes to food and beverages, and La Bodeguita is one of those places for Cuba. You'll want to make sure to carve out time to sip a Mojito and munch on this establishment's well-known dishes while you enjoy the buzz and activity that is bound to surround you here.

Chat up the barkeep as he serves up the country's signature cocktail and tells you about all of the pictures of vacationing celebrities that adorn the bar's walls. This place is like Cuba's own little version of Cheers. Don't be surprised if you leave this place only to realize you have been inside for hours. It's hard to leave once you're inside, and the prices are pretty reasonable. Try the Carribean Curry for twenty dollars or just much on a few ten-dollar appetizers throughout the day. Leave room for a couple in your belly and your wallet for a couple of those signature mojitos.

Buy Yourself Something Fancy At Clandestina

You've saved on transportation, food, and definitely on lodging, so go ahead and spoil yourself by visiting Clandestina. This Havana shop specializes in authentic Cuban goods. It has everything, from bags to tee shirts, you will be sure to find something cute here that isn't touristy and generic. It's considered to be progressive and eco-conscious. Load up on goods to take back home to your loved ones at Clandestina.