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Superyachts are unsurprisingly expensive - super expensive. If one can't afford the 10s or even 100s of millions of dollars it costs to buy one, one can also rent one (below are listings by Burgess Yachts). Not all superyachts are owned by the super-rich, some are owned by companies and rented out with all their crew - there are plenty of things to know about traveling the world by superyacht. If one can afford the expense, superyachts are one of the most incredible ways to travel the world.


There's no set definition of what a superyacht is, but here the working definition will be from 40 meters or 130 feet in length. These massive superyachts typically come with a range of water toys like waterskis, jet skis, kayaks, SeaBobs, wakeboards, scuba diving equipment, tenders, and more.

The Excellence - The Superyacht For Over $1.1 Million Per Week

For those willing to doll out more than a million dollars for a week's fun, then one of the top-end superyachts listed is the Excellence. She is one of the most distinctive yachts built in recent times - notable for her heavily reversed bow and acres of glass.

This 80-meter (262-foot) superyacht comes with 2,115GT of internal space and is designed to be unconventional. She is lavishly decorated inside with some of the most luxuriously furnishing, upholstery, and full-height windows.

  • Rate: From $1.1 Million Per Week
  • Built: 2019 In Germany
  • Length: 80 Meters or 262 Feet
  • Guests: 12 Guests in 7 Cabins

She is able to accommodate 12 guests (besides crew) in her 7 cabins. The entire upper deck is dedicated just to the owner and boasts an eye-catching master suite and lounge complete with a private deck and Jacuzzi. Other notable features on this superyacht include a cinema room, spa, sauna, and gym.

  • Notable Features: Tiered Cinema, Gym, Wellness Spa, Large Pool, Private Owner's Deck

The yacht also comes with a plethora of water toys (like jet skis etc.).

A million dollars may seem a bit expensive for a week's fun. Still, it's not much compared to the price of the world's largest superyacht - the Azzam which cost around $600 million.

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Maltese Falcon - The Sailing Superyacht

For a very different type of superyacht, consider a superyacht with sails. The Maltese Falcon is instantly recognizable thanks to her three free-standing carbon fiber masts. At 88 meters (or 289 feet) the Maltese Falcon offers all the luxuries of the industry.

She is one of the most impressive superyachts and has been game-changing in the world of sailing yachts. She has won 18 awards since her launch and has even been named the "Finest Superyacht Ever."

  • Rate: From $420,000 Per Week
  • Built: 2006 In Turkey
  • Length: 88 Meters or 289 Feet
  • Guests: 12 Guests in 6 Cabins

Here 2,400 square meters of sail can be set within just six minutes and there is even an outdoor cinema screen projected onto her lower sail.

  • Notable Features: Spa Facilities, Massage Room, Gym, Private Deck

She offers luxury and relaxation to her passengers with a collection of reading rooms, sun decks, massage rooms, an elegantly furnished saloon, and more. Her accommodation is super flexible and is well suited to all sorts of charter parties.

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Oceana - For "Only" Around $200,000 Per Week

For those looking for a superyacht option for less than $200,000, one of Burgess Yachts' least expensive options is the Oceana. This smaller, older, but refitted superyacht features a large observation lounge, a master suite's private observation lounge, and much of the best that superyachts have on offer. She was designed by the legendary Jon Bannenberg and has a 3,000nm range.

  • Rate: From $190,000 Per Week
  • Built: 1991 (Refitted 2016) In Australia
  • Length: 55 Meters or 180 Feet
  • Guests: 12 Guests in 5 Cabins

Like other superyachts, she has a range of water toys and a large tender. She has all the equipment one will need for snorkeling or scuba diving. She also has a spa pool on the bridge deck.

She has accommodation for up to 12 guests in her five guest cabins (including her upper deck master suite).

If one is tempted to rent a superyacht, then the most popular boating destinations are the Caribbean and the Mediterranean. The Caribbean is popular in the winter months, while the Mediterranean is popular in the summer months.