It's the hope of many that out of 155 islands in total, there would be some destination in Seychelles that would be more affordable than the rest of it. While that's not necessarily true, there are ways that travelers can save money when planning a trip to this luxe destination. Its crystalline waters and flawless beaches certainly come at a price but some smart saving and clever hacks can definitely have this vacation down from 'off-limits' to 'possible.'

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The accommodations might still call for your paycheck but if you plan out the rest of the vacation carefully and monitor how much is being spent on extras and transportation, this might just be doable for a budget-friendly vacation. No destination should truly be off-limits due to a varying budget and with all the beauty and adventure that Seychelles boasts, it deserves to be experienced by everyone. If your heart is set on this perfect coastline and arguably one of the best tropical destinations in the world, then you can start by adding up totals for these expenses.

Start Narrowing Down Flight Options And, By Extension, Prices

Most people's least-favorite part about a vacation is researching so many flight options but for a destination like Seychelles, this is absolutely necessary, and for a strict budget, it's non-negotiable. Eliminating expensive flights and taking advantage of deals might seem like common sense but it can really cut down on the budget as a whole, and when you're saving a few extra hundreds, that could be the price of an extra night or better food.

The trick is to monitor prices far in advance of your trip - this isn't something to plan last-minute. Flights can range anywhere from as low as $500 into the thousands according to Love and Road, so, obviously, this is a hefty consideration. Air Seychelles offers competitive pricing so it's worth checking out but don't cross other airlines off the list just yet; prices also depend on where in the world a traveler is located. Consider every and any flight site as well as keeping flexible dates in mind for cheaper deals.

Accommodations Can Be Tricky Unless You Expand Your Options

Resorts are a good place to start when it comes to booking rooms in Seychelles but this isn't always a traveler's best bet because prices can be driven up depending on the season. Instead, check places such as Airbnb and Couchsurfing, which can offer competitive pricing with decent accommodations (how much time do you plan to spend in your room, anyway?). Additionally, hostels are a good option for those who don't mind being social and aren't bothering by a lack of room service or luxury items. This is where travelers can save a big chunk of money especially if they're not uber picky about where they lay their head down.

For those who are set on a hotel or resort experience, simply look for resorts that aren't necessarily five-star accommodations. Lesser stars don't mean they're bad, it could just mean that they don't offer as much as the others, the rooms might be smaller, or the location might not be as close to beaches or activities as one would like. Be sure to read the reviews because these will also help shape any decision.

Food And Activities

The best thing to do is to avoid being swept up by the glamour of excursions. Snorkeling and scuba trips can cost anywhere from $40 to $100 and that, alone, takes out a big chunk of anyone's budget - and that's only counting one day. The beaches in Seychelles are the main attraction and there, exploring, sunbathing, and swimming is completely free. Boat tours are also a great investment since many times, lunch or some other meal is served on the boat and this allows travelers to see multiple parts of the islands for one cost.

As far as food goes, keep in mind that Seychelles has options other than restaurants. Street food, vendors, and takeout are all great options there. Consider putting aside money to splurge one night and opt for takeout or a quick bite all the other days - this is also a great way to taste the flavors of the region from those who know it well. To start the day, travelers can save money by opting for accommodations that also offer free or continental breakfasts, which cuts down on food costs tremendously. If the place you're staying at has a kitchen or a refrigerator, you can even take some food to snack on later on such as pastries, bread, fruit, yogurt, and so on.

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