One can get adventurous with accommodation, think of igloos, yurts (Mongolian tents), underwater hotels, or treehouses - not to mention cave accommodation. But another option is the iconic Icehotel of Sweden. The Icehotel has been running for over 30 years and is own one of the must-stay locations in Sweden. Sweden is famous for many things. It is famous for its stunning city of Stockholm and for its stunning northern arctic environment and northern lights. While in the far northern climes of Europe, why not do something super "cool"?


About The Icehotel

  • First Opened: 1989

Every year the Swedish Torne River slows down and freezes solid into ice. And naturally, a frozen river makes the perfect material for constructing a world-class ice hotel. Over the last 30 years, enterprising craftsmen gather in the town of Jukkasjäarvi every winter. Here they construct an all-new Icehotel - thus every season the Icehotel is unique from the previous ones. Once spring comes along, the ice melts, and the old Icehotel disappears once again. See here for traveler pictures of the ice hotel.

  • Location: Jukkasjäarvi
  • Rebuilt: Rebuilt Every Winter

The Icehotel is built with a range of accommodation options, these range from standard ice rooms to elegant art suites. Staying in these frozen standard ice rooms is another worldly experience. The ice rooms are all furnished with decor while the beds themselves are made of ice. If the budget allows, then the Art suites are much more special. These rooms are commissioned by artists from all over the world and each is unique and ephemeral.

  • Options: Range From Standard Ice Rooms To Art Suites

These ice hotels are only during the cold and frozen winter months, but for those visiting out of season, there are other options. There is all the "ICEHOTEL 365" - this is their newest addition and is open year-round. It is the first permanent ice and snow hotel ever built.

While here enjoy the best of Scandinavian culture and delicacies with a stunning five-course meal. Enjoy the attention to detail with hand-carved ice sculptures and even drink served from the Ice Bar served in ice-carved glasses.

  • Drinks: Served In Ice-Carved Glasses

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Open To Day Visitors

One doesn't need to be staying at the Icehotel to be able to see it. It is also possible to visit the stunning hotel as a day visitor. If one is a guest, then the entrance to the art exhibition of ice and snow and to the Icehotel is free.

  • Open: Daily From 1 July to 30 November
  • Cost of Admission: SEK 295 or $34.00 (Per Adult)
  • Children: Children Under 15 Are Free
  • Note: The Hotel Is Cash Free
  • Icebar And Art Exhibition Hours: 10.00 am to 5.00 pm

The Ice Rooms

There are a number of rooms, here are some of them with some pricing. Pricing may vary by date but here is an idea of a couple of them.

Art Suite 365

  • Note: Unique Design Available Year-Round
  • Occupancy: 1-2 Persons
  • Price: From 9,796 SEK For 2 Nights $1,150 USD

Deluxe Suite Johka

  • Note: Unique Design, Private Headed Bathroom, Available Year-Round
  • Occupancy: 1-3 Persons
  • Price: 17,295 SEK For 2 Nights $2,000 USD

The Deluxe Suites in Icehotel 365 have a temperature of -5 to -8 degrees Celsius and are available all year due to the building being specially designed and running on solar power. All of these suites are individually themed and hand-craved, they also have a heated relaxation area in the en-suite bathroom. The beds are covered with reindeer hides and the bedding includes a thermal sleeping bag.

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Other Activities To Enjoy

Located in the north of Sweden, there are plenty of arctic activities and attractions to enjoy. It is much more than just a winter destination. The region is stunning in the summer months with its very long days - in fact, the sun is visible the entire night.

Some of the activities to see and do around here include rafting down the Torne River, fishing, treetop adventures, stand-up paddleboarding, and hiking during the summer months. In the winter the region is transformed and has long dark nights. During these times one can go dog sledding or on a snowmobile adventure. But perhaps the greatest attraction of the winter is the stunning natural phenomenon of the Northern Lights.

There are more activities as well, why not try crafting the ice with sculpting by oneself? Alternatively, just relax and soak in a hot tub or sweat it out in the Swedish sauna - and then jump into the freezing Torne River. There are other services like massages and facials too.

So next time one is planning a trip to Sweden, consider staying at this stunning hotel - both in the winter and in the summer.

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