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America’s Midwest is, according to many cultural observers, the nation’s soul and heartbeat. It’s where one gets to feel America’s throbbing pulse—whether in agriculture, commerce, manufacturing—or entertainment. Nature has bequeathed America’s heartland with a breathtaking landscape dotted with countless national parks, many of which are both underrated and understated. While there are many ways to take in the region's beautiful scenery, few things compare to a well-planned road trip.


Still, aside from sweeping views of nature’s delicately wrought artwork, the Midwest also boasts numerous amusement parks and other entertainment innovations that man dreams about and executes. As part of this entertainment milieu, King’s Island has, for over 50 years—been the go-to place—for those seeking some exciting thrill, some long-desired rush of adrenaline. In this article, we reveal what travelers need to know about King’s Island, including its galaxy of attractions and how much to budget for.

Here’s Why King’s Island Should Be On Your Bucket-List

For starters, King’s Island is the largest amusement park in the Midwest. This alone would be reason enough to pay it a visit. It sits on a sprawling 364 acres, all cool and beautiful from end to end. For perspective, that’s more than three times the area that Lincoln Memorial occupies. Obviously, size alone cannot be the reason one will travel miles to visit this iconic park. Yet, size is not wholly without meaning. It’s indicative. A large park denotes myriad activities. In the same way, a large mall suggests the presence of several shops and shopping items. And true to expectation, King’s Island has a lot of fun-filled activities that one can engage in.

Unlike many theme parks, King’s Island is clean and almost spotless. While the queue can sometimes be long, it moves. And for those who’ve gone to theme parks, queues can sometimes be frustratingly immobile. But here, rarely will the wait time be over 40 minutes. If this 40 minute is still unendurable for a visitor, there’s the exciting option of a fast pass that can help one avoid the waiting experience. There are also delectable meals that come at price points that are fairly affordable. It’s also family—and kid-friendly. There’s a safe area where kids can enjoy their activities with child-like abandon. Then again, the staff at King’s Island are friendly and obviously enthusiastic. Also, the layout and organization of the park are in such a way that navigating it is a breeze.

  • How Much Is A Fast Lane Pass At King’s Island? A fast lane pass at King’s Island starts at $65.

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Planning To Visit King’s Island? Here’s How Much To Budget For

King’s Island has several ticket packages depending on several options. There are day tickets. There are also those that go for a period or season. The cost for a single-day admission is $54.99. That’s the regular admission for those between 3-61 years of age. However, juniors and seniors get a slightly discounted price of $45. Active or retired military members get a further discounted admission of $42. For those who want to spend two days, a two-day ticket goes for $89.99. The exciting thing with a two-day ticket is that days don’t have to be consecutive.

There are other packages as well. Those who have either a gold or a platinum pass qualify for “Bring A Friend” ticket. The price of these tickets is $29.99. The more expensive season passes run for a year. And they come in two categories: Gold and platinum. The price of a gold ticket is $145. On the other hand, the price of a platinum ticket is $250. Both these tickets guarantee unlimited visits to the park, free parking, discounts on food, as well as early, and unlimited access to Soak City. The difference between a gold and a platinum ticket is that a platinum ticket gives access to All Cedar Fair Parks while a gold ticket doesn’t. There are also group tickets, which, for a single day, go for $41 per person.

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Here Are The Many Fun Things You Can Do At King’s Island

Roller coaster rides. That’s among the King’s Island favorites. Some, like Orion and the Beast—are big rides, while others, like those in Planet Snoopy—are small rides and meant for kids. After sweating from the rides, one can cool off at the Soak City Water Park amid rushing rivers and lovely lagoons. King’s Island also has several live entertainment options, including music and rib-cracking comedy, that can magically lift the spirit.

For those who love exploding fireworks, King’s Island has the Evening Finale. However, aside from this, they currently run “Fun, Fireworks and Fifty,” which pays tribute to the park’s 50th anniversary season. There are also many glitzy shops for toys, apparel, and, yes, candy.

With King’s Island, America’s Midwest tilts the scales in the world of entertainment and adventure. Few others can hold a candle to this massive park.