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While Paris might be the museum capital of the world, New York City also ranks in the top ten cities with the highest number of museums. Although Paris has a mind-boggling 297 museums, way higher than New York, the Big Apple also boasts quite a respectable 140, the second-highest in the United States. This is no mean feat. Chula Vista in San Diego has only seven museums.

New York’s many museums capture the identity of the Big Apple as the cultural capital of the world. And with more than 800 languages spoken within its five boroughs, New York City is easily the most linguistically diverse city on the planet. While there are many cultural centers where one can appreciate New York’s rich heritage, the city’s Metropolitan Museum is arguably its true cultural hotbed. In this article, we disclose how much the Met costs and how to get in there.


Planning A Trip To The Met? This Is How Much You’ll Need To Pay

Here’s the thing. Since March 2018, the Met has adopted an admission policy that’s based on a visitor's demographics. As a result of the new policy, admission to one of the world's greatest Art Centers is based on a two-tier admission arrangement. The first tier is called “Suggested Admission.” On the flip side, the second and last are known as “General Admission.”

The first tier of admission—referred to as “Suggested Admission,” takes in residents of New York State. Aside from residents of New York State, students in New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut—are also grouped in the “Suggested Admission” category. Here’s why belonging to the “Suggested Admissions” category is a dollar-saver. Admission is free to those in the “Suggested Admissions” Category. Well, not exactly free, but it's more like it. The correct payment policy is “Pay As You Wish.” So that means it's entirely up to an individual to decide the amount he or she would want to part with.

On the other side of the pay-policy spectrum is what the museum describes as General Admission. This second-tier admission category includes all visitors who are not eligible for the first-tier category of “Suggested Admission.” Naturally, this includes those who are not residents of the Empire State—as well as those who are not students in either the states of New York, New Jersey, or Connecticut. Visitors who belong to the “General Admission” category will pay an admission fee that’s graduated according to age. Consequently, adults will be required to pay $30 on admission. Students who are not in the “Suggested Admission” category will part with $17. However, the Metropolitan Museum of Art is free to children less than 12 years of age. It’s also free for members and patrons. Seniors get to pay a slightly discounted price—compared to adults—of $22. For proper identification, seniors are those above 65 years of age.

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Here’s How You Can Get In The Met Museum For Free

It’s good to know ways that one can save some cash, even if it’s only a penny. Fortunately, for those planning to visit New York’s Met Museum, there are a few free options. Most of these fall under the “Complimentary Admission” Category which also applies to children under 12. Aside from kids under 12, caregivers accompanying a visitor with a disability also qualify for the free “Complimentary Admission.” In addition, those with IDNYC, the free government-issued photo ID card for New Yorkers who are at least ten years old—can also get into the Met for free. The other cardholders who’ll smile their way to the Met are AAM (The American Alliance of Museums), ICOM (The International Council of Museums), and the Museum Council of NYC members. But there are other lucky individuals and groups.

Those who hold a reciprocal membership from a participating institution, those who can present a valid employee ID from one of Met’s corporate sponsors, and those who have a valid press ID—benefit from “Complimentary Admission” and therefore can gain entry for free. And since the Met is a Blue Star Museum, it offers free admission to the nation’s active duty military personnel. This takes in their family members also.

  • Where Is The New York Metropolitan Museum? The physical address of this museum is 1000 Fifth Avenue and 99 Margaret Corbin Drive, New York, NY 10028 U.S.

Also, since the Bank of America supports several cultural centers financially, some museums (including the Met) have entered into a working relationship with the bank that grants the bank’s cardholders the benefit of free admission to selected museums—subject to some conditions.

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Other Ways To Get Free Admission To New York’s Met Museum

Aside from the avenues we’ve mentioned, a staff member of another museum within the country can get free admission to the Met. This applies to all workers, including volunteers. Also, students from certain universities can gain entry into the Met for free. This includes students from Columbia University, among others. In case someone cannot legitimately use any of these free avenues, the best cost-saving approach would be to visit the Met as part of a group. By this approach, one is able to get a slight discount.

At the end of the day, New York’s Met Museum is worth more than the admission ticket of $30 for adults. Therefore, price should not stand in the way of what will be quite a rewarding experience. It’s an attraction that one should find a way of fitting into a trip to the Big Apple.