Fun. Sand. Sun. These—and more—are some popular picture images of Florida. According to World Population Review, the Sunshine State is the second-most visited in the country after New York. The truth is, Florida packs quite a punch in travel circles. Granted, there are many places and cities in Florida that can hold their own in the tourists' world. The Everglades, Homassass, St. Augustine, and a dozen others should be on every traveler’s bucket list.


However, the Florida Keys are simply one of the most beautiful spots on the planet. Of course, many islands on this stunning chain can make anyone gasp and drool. But there has to be a winner—and the Key West is hands-down the best. In this article, we discuss why travelers should explore the Key West by seaplane and how much this will cost.

Why You Should Explore Key West By Seaplane

Of course, the first reason would be time. Travel by road or boat is many times longer than by plane. For instance, driving from Miami to the Key West will gobble up about four hours. And that’s just one way. That means one should budget eight hours for a round trip. As anyone can see, this will make a day trip either unlikely or unmeaningful. And again, although driving on U.S Route-1 and onto the Overseas Highway comes with some amazing scenery, the drive will take a toll on the body. On arrival, one may need to rest or freshen up a little—before venturing out on the beach—or into a park. This will be all the more frustrating as one will miss out on a couple of activities that one can do in a day at Key West. Unfortunately, a boat would not be much different, especially with respect to time. To make it even worse, travel by boat would eliminate places that don’t border the sea. So that naturally leaves us with a seaplane.

Floating up in the air, all the way down to Key West is convenient, comfortable, and perhaps most importantly, fast. It makes it possible to plan a day’s trip—and squeeze a couple of activities before making a return journey. Also, one will not need to worry about navigating a completely new city and asking strangers for directions. That said, travel by seaplane is not as cheap as say, travel by road. But by how much?

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This Is How Much You Should Expect To Spend When Exploring Key West By Seaplane

Of course, the seaplane cost will depend on where one is coming from. According to Air Key West, a licensed, on-demand air carrier based at Key West International Airport, hiring a 5-passenger seaplane from Miami to Key West costs $1,000. A ride from Orlando costs twice that much ($2,000), while a ride from Tampa is $1,900. For someone coming from Ft. Lauderdale, $1,100 is the cost of a day’s seaplane hire to Key West. That’s for the same plane size. A trip from Ft. Myers will attract identical rates. Travelers with Air Key West outside the regular routes can request individual quotes from the company. One advantage of Air Key West is that they are pet-friendly. They’ll be no need to staff a puppy in a crate. Air Key West is rated 4.5 stars on Yelp which means clients are generally satisfied with its services. These planes also come with a cost-saving option where travelers indicate their willingness to be paired in order to save some cash.

There are also seaplanes that are based in different locations. For instance, Miami Seaplane Tours is based in Miami. The company charges $650 per person for an 8-hour same-day trip to Key West. The highlight of these tours is Key West, and that’s fine. This island city has places that can interest both history buffs and those out to enjoy the fine beaches that dot its coastline. Places like the Harry Truman Little Whitehouse, Ernest Hemingway Home and Museum, the bustling Duval Street, and a dozen pristine beaches that look like they’ve just been discovered—will all make a trip that ends at Key West—still memorable and worth every dime. However, for those seeking out the magical get-away in Tortugas, an entirely separate trip is advisable. And yes, Dry Tortugas National Park is worth the trip. There’s just so much history and beauty tucked away in the 7-island archipelago.

For those who want to plan for this fairy-land trip to Tortugas, an arrangement with a seaplane tour company is recommended. One such company is Key West Seaplane Adventures. An 8-hour, same-day trip will cost adults $634. Children between 2 and 12—on the other hand—are charged $507.2. Just a little lower. Children under two years are expected to travel on their parent’s laps and are therefore not charged.

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While time is known to wash away beauty and charm, Key West seem to be growing more beautiful with every passing year. And in our opinion, the best way to explore this travel hotspot is through a seaplane trip.