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Travelers may know of the stunning white mountains of New Hampshire, but have they seen them yet for themselves? These stunning old mountains, covered in vast New England woodland and dotted with craggy rock faces, are home to some of the most stunning natural sights in New England. It’s hard to beat the view from atop the White Mountains with New Hampshire and its autumn glory spreading out as far as the eye can see. Of course, there's a lot to see no matter what time of year travelers visit.

Travelers looking to spend some time in the White Mountains will want to make sure they budget enough time to truly get the most out of the New Hampshire experience. With so many iconic and beautiful locations to visit. So, here is a look at how long travelers will need to see the best of the White Mountains.


How Long Travelers Need To Experience The White Mountains

Travelers to New Hampshire’s White Mountains will want to spend four to five days at the very least to get the most out of this stunning destination. From high mountain locations to crystalline streams and craggy cliff-faces, the White Mountains have many idyllic locations for travelers to explore.

Travelers who can spend a better part of a week in the white mountains should budget at least a day or longer to explore the following locations in the White Mountains.

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The "Kanc"

The “Kanc” properly known as the Kancamagus Highway is a great introduction to New Hampshire and what it has to offer. The Kancamagus Highway is not just a great drive, there are many spots along the way to stop for a picnic to go on a hike as well.

It is easy for travelers to spend the better part of a day adventuring around the Kancamagus Highway.

Travelers can easily access the Kancamagus Highway using exit 32 off I-93. Travelers will be able to end this trip at Jackson Falls where they can find something delicious to eat.

Christmas Farm Inn

Owners Gary and Sandra welcome travelers to visit one of the most highly rated dining locations in Jackson, NH.

Travelers will have a great time filling up here before continuing on the rest of their adventure.

  • Address - 3 Blitzen Way Rte. 16B, Jackson, NH
  • Contact - +1 603-383-4313
  • Cost - $$-$$$
  • Fan-Favorites - Prime Rib
  • Menu

Pinkham Notch

Another Destination for travelers to check out is Pinkham Notch. Here travelers can find five short hikes and should try at least one of them. For more ambitious outdoors adventurers, there is the Tuckerman Ravine Trail that they can attempt to climb all or part of.

A more relaxing way to spend time in this region may be a gondola ride to the top Wildcat Ski Area from which travelers will be able to see views of Mount Washington, the Presidential Range, and the Carter Range. The area of Pinkham Notch truly has many ways of entertaining its visitors.

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Mount Washington

Depending on the time that travelers arrive at Mount Washington and what plans they have for the day, they may have time to stop at the AMC Highland Center to see what programs and events are available at the mountain that day.

The Grand Omni Mount Washington Resort is also located along the base of the mountain and is a great place to grab lunch.

Hiking Mount Washington

As for exploring the mountain itself, there are generally three ways to do so. There is the hike up Mount Washington. This is a challenging but popular route.

Travelers should expect to spend between six and seven hours hiking the mountain.

Driving Up Mount Washington

The second option is driving up. This is quite popular and is accompanied by a digital tour that teaches travelers about the mountain as they drive up it.

This drive does have some sketchy moments, especially when the mountain is busy, so this is perhaps not the best for those who aren’t the most confident drivers.

Taking The Mount Washington Cog Railway Up The Mountain

The third alternative for travelers who want to explore Mount Washington is the Mount Washington Cog Railway. Travelers can make their way to the railway and then enjoy a nice and relaxing trip up the mountain.

All around, this is the most leisurely and relaxing of the three options for reaching the summit of Mount Washington.

Great North Woods

For travelers who want to dive deep into the wilderness of New Hampshire, and possibly even see a moose, the Great North Woods is the destination for them.

There is an abundance of hikes for travelers to explore. Destinations like “Moos Alley” on Route 3 close to the Canadian border provide travelers with an incredible opportunity to catch sight of moose and other wildlife.

It is easy to spend a day or two exploring the Great North Woods.