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Olympic National Park is an absolutely incredible stretch of land that is ideal for travelers to visit and explore. Many nature lovers and outdoor enthusiasts have Olympic National Park on their list of bucket-list destinations. With its high mountain peaks, stunning coastline, and the waterways that connect them. There is much to check out at Olympic National Park.

Travelers planning on making a trip to Olympic National Park have a couple of decisions to make, when to go and how long to stay. Olympic National Park is located in a temperate rainforest. Travelers will likely want to reduce the rain component as much as possible. That means there is just a specific window for when it's best to visit the park. So, here’s how long travelers need for Olympic National Park and when they should go.


Discover Olympic's Diverse Wilderness

Diversity is the hallmark of the Olympic National Park. Its incredible diversity in weather, precipitation, and elevation makes it one of the most incredibly diverse ecosystems available to travelers in North America. It encompasses nearly a million acres of vast wilderness, historical sites dating back a thousand years, and a few unique ecosystems. These include glacier-capped mountains, old-growth temperate rain forests, and over 70 miles of wild coastline, all available for travelers to explore!

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The Best Time To Visit Olympic National Park

It's an unfortunately short window, but if the goal is to stay dry, then it is recommended that travelers visit Olympic National Park during July and August. During this time, temperatures are at their warmest, and the vast majority of the park is open. Also, the combined total rainfall for those two months is 4.32, which is less than the entire month of May. The park is also fully open during this time without restricted services due to the season. This is by far the best time for travelers to visit Olympic National Park.

However, travelers visiting during July and August should count on the weather being totally predictable. The weather in Olympic National Park is prone to unpredictability, so travelers should always be ready for poor weather no matter what the averages say.

Weather Averages In The Olympic National Park

A quick look at the weather averages for Olympic National Park confirms why July through August is the best time to visit the park. Travelers could risk late June or early September, but it is generally best to stick with the two driest months.

  • January - 44 (highs), 34 (Lows), 13.32 inches (Precipitation)
  • February - 48 (highs), 35 (Lows), 12.88 inches (Precipitation)
  • March - 52 (highs), 35 (Lows), 10.41 inches (Precipitation)
  • April - 57 (highs), 38 (Lows), 6.89 inches (Precipitation)
  • May - 63 (highs), 43 (Lows), 4.52 inches (Precipitation)
  • June - 67 (Highs), 47 (Lows), 2.97 inches (Precipitation)
  • July - 73 (Highs), 50 (Lows), 1.99 inches (Precipitation)
  • August - 74 (Highs), 50 (Lows), 2.33 inches (Precipitation)
  • September - 70 (Highs), 47 (Lows), 3.52 inches (Precipitation)
  • October - 60 (Highs), 42 (lows), 9.33 inches (Precipitation)
  • November - 48 (Highs), 37 (Lows), 15.61 inches (Precipitation)
  • December - 44 (Highs), 34 (Lows), 14.29 inches (Precipitation)

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How Long Travelers Will Need For Olympic National Park

With so much to do at Olympic National Park, travelers should plan on a three to five-day trip to the park. With campsites available at the park, travelers will be able to stay close to many of the activities they will want to partake in.

This incredible stretch of wilderness is home to an abundance of outdoor activities. There are ample waterways for exploration on boats, and with so many stunning peaks located throughout the park, there are more than a few day hikes and backpacking routes. Travelers will also have quite a few opportunities to catch sight of the grand wildlife around the park or the miniature lifeforms that call the park’s tidepools home.

Things To Do

Travelers visiting the park have quite a few excellent ways to spend their time. Boating is a popular activity for travelers to the park, with both motor and motorless boating options available. The park is popular with nature lovers and photographers who love exploring the tide pools and catching sight of wildlife. Hikers and Backpackers will also find many ways to enjoy their time at Olympic National Park.