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What do people look for when vacationing in Virginia? Some come for the food and cultures; others come for the incredible beaches. Then there is a special crop of vacationers arriving to witness Virginia’s botanicals. With the current climatic tribulations that the globe is facing, people are beginning to appreciate the environment more.

Norfolk Botanical Garden is both a historical and aesthetic spectacle that every Virginia vacationer needs to experience. From its feel-good vibes to the conservation drive it instills, the Norfolk Botanical Garden is truly a champion of the Green Movement. Here are more details about the garden.


How Long It’ll Take To Walk Norfolk Botanical Garden

The time taken to walk the full length of this garden is largely influenced by the size and the motive behind the visit. The garden sits on a whopping 175 acres of land. Logically, it is possible to transverse the full length of this garden within an hour or less. However, it is not in all cases that vacationers manage to do it in an hour.

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Sometimes, the time taken to transverse the length of the garden will depend on the motive behind the visit. If the adventure was more about stretching around and sightseeing, then one hour is enough. However, other groups come in for the educational part of the garden. For such vacationers, moving around might take several hours, especially when there is huge traffic, to keep pressuring them to move forward.

The education offered at Norfolk Botanical Gardens knows no age. From seniors to young kids, everybody has something to learn from this site. Children will truly love this garden, especially when they get to the butterfly section. In such instances where education is involved, vacationers must be ready to spare at least two hours to walk the garden.

What To Look Out For

Norfolk Botanical Gardens has made a name for itself thanks to its evergreen status. Although every section of the garden is exciting to explore, there are a select few that stand out.

Wow Children Garden

Norfolk is not all about the garden botanicals alone. It has another fun side that kids will love exploring during the summer or any other season. It is called the Wow Children Garden. While the title may insinuate it is a children-only area, adults too can have a great time here.

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A key component of this garden is the centrally placed world-themed splash fountains. These fountains create an Instaworthy sight that the internet world will embrace. Best still, the fountains offer vacationers the perfect opportunity to soak up Virginia's scorching sun.

Wow Children's Garden is truly a children's adventure. Crafts, kids' games, and walking tours are all part of the plan. During summer, the operation hours of this section are between 9:30 in the morning and 6:30 in the evening. The closing time is 4:30 in the evening during winter.

Bristow Butterfly Garden

Bristow Butterfly Garden is another section of the garden that vacationers should make time for. This section sits on a 2.5-acre piece of land and has lots of plants. The land here is dominated by plants that butterflies like buzzing around. Also, there is a butterfly house constructed in the periphery where they raise them.

People who adore nature will have a great time here. Watching those small creatures hop from one plant to another is an underrated experience that even kids will adore. The facility provides a sheet containing all the types of butterflies existing in the garden. Grab any of the sets and try to compare what exists on paper to the ones flying around.

Best Time To Visit Norfolk Botanical Garden

While almost every other tourist attraction has the best time to visit, this principle does not apply to this botanical garden. It is an all-weather attraction that manages to maintain its green state even during extreme weather. Be it winter or summer; vacationers can be assured of incredible views from this garden.

The best time of the day to visit the garden is during the morning hours. The facility operates from nine in the morning to seven in the evening. There is less traffic in the morning hours, meaning vacationers have virtually all the 175 acres of botanicals to themselves.

Ticketing and pricing are crucial parts of the Norfolk experience that people cannot afford to miss. Even before backpacking, the first step should be reserving a ticket while it is still early. Tickets are reserved online, and the beauty of it all is that they are pretty cheap for the experience ahead.

  • Adult: $16/Head
  • Children (3-17): $14/Head
  • Military: $14/Head
  • Seniors (65+): $14/Head

Norfolk Botanical Gardens is more than just an ordinary garden. With up to seven miles of paved path and another seven unpaved paths, vacationers must be ready to do quite some walking. While the two-hour walk may sound cumbersome, the experience at the end is worth it all. So if looking for a place to enjoy botanical tourism, this is the place to be.