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Penn's Cave is the only cave in Pennsylvania listed on the National Register of Historic Places. It is a great option for anyone looking for a fun activity to enjoy in the Keystone State. Caves are fascinating places where one can see how water and time erode these passageways while creating stalactites, stalagmites, and other sculpted formations.

There are many caves across the nation one should visit. Go to the Yucatán Peninsula of Mexico, and the caves take on a whole new significance. To the ancient Mayans, caves were the conduits to the underworld. In other places, like in Turkey's Cappadocia region, one can stay in cave hotels and then explore the hidden cities underground.


Penn's Cave - Pennsylvania's Hidden Treasure

Penn's Cave has a long history of being a tourist attraction, having been a show cave since 1885. Penn's Cave House is a historic building that was used as a hotel between 1885 and 1919. The historic house is situated on the property of Penn's Cave & Wildlife Park and is used today as office space for the company.

  • Show Cave: Since 1885

The cave is a popular tourist attraction drawing people from all over to see its Trenton limestone formations. The length of the cave is around 1,300 feet and has a ceiling around 55 feet above the stream. The stream itself is around 3 to 5 feet deep throughout the cave.

  • Length: 1,300 Feet
  • Height: 55 Feet
  • Water Depth: 3 to 5 Feet
  • Temperature: A Constant 52 Degrees Year Round

Next time in Pennsylvania, take the tour through Penn's Cave and explore the quarter-mile subterranean waterway. See an underground world of ornate limestone formations and a bat colony. Formation highlights include the "Statue of Liberty," "Garden of the Gods," and "Angel's Wing." Visitors see flowstone, curtains, cascades, gigantic columns, and draperies.

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Guided Cave Boat Tours

The tours are by boat and traverse the waterway into the cave. The tour is entirely by flat-bottomed boats that wind their way through the cavern passageways. The boats can carry 20-22 passengers. Learn the many stories and legends about the cave with the tour guide. In places, visitors need to duck and keep their heads down.

The tour is not handicapped accessible as there are a number of steps people need to walk to get to the boats.

  • Duration: 45-50 Minutes
  • Capacity: 20-22 People

Cavern Guided Boat Tour Prices:

  • Adult: $22.99
  • Child: $12.99 (Aged 2 to 12)

The cavern tour schedule is complicated and varies throughout the year. Tours generally start between 9.00 am and 11.00 am, with the last tours leaving at 4.00 pm or 5.00 pm. The tours depart hourly throughout the year except for the summer months (June, July, and August), when they depart every 30 minutes.

  • Normal Departures: Every Hour
  • Peak Season Departures: Every 30 Minutes

Weather permitting, the tour also explores Lake Nitanee.

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Planning A Visit To Penn's Cave & Wildlife Park

The cave is also part of a wildlife park, and there are ticketing options to combine the experiences. They have a visitor center with a gift shop as well as the Cave Café. It specializes in farm-raised bison and Texas longhorn burgers and hotdogs, nachos, grab & go foods, as well as candies and fudge.

Cavern & Farm-Nature Wildlife Tours + Miners Maze:

  • Adult: $40.99
  • Child: $24.99 (Aged 2 to 12)

The Farm-Nature-Wildlife tours are a must while visiting the cave. On tour, visitors will see bison, Texas longhorn cattle, red & silver foxes, black bears, elk, whitetail deer, mustangs, bighorn sheep, timber wolves, gray wolves, and arctic wolves.

  • Duration: 90 Minutes
  • Season: April through November Daily

The farm is spread out over 1,600 acres and the tour times vary - check their calendar for information.

Another fun attraction is the Prospector Pete's Miner's Maze which is a labyrinth boasting 4800 sq feet. It is a place the kids will love with its many twists and turns, its observation tower, and four checkpoint stations.

  • Adult: $5.99
  • Child: $24.99 (Aged 2 to 12)

Penn's Cave & Wildlife Park has everything a family needs for a fun and memorable day out in Pennsylvania. It is America's only all-water cavern & farm-nature-wildlife park.