Many people wonder when is the best time to visit Italy and how many days to spend in the most beautiful country on earth. Summer in the Italian nation is characterized by apparent horizons and hot air. Moreover, May and September, known as shoulder months, boast special climatic conditions and feature lighter crowds than June, July, or August. People who love attending the harvest in Tuscany or other parts of Italy must consider the autumn season. As for winter, it is the best time for skiers to hit the iconic Italian Alps.


Additionally, Italy is known for its utterly delicious food scene and the unique hospitality of its locals. Thus, people prefer to spend several weeks in this splendid country to explore most of its attractions and partake in unique activities. Here's a guide to fully experiencing Italy for three weeks.

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Where To Visit During Three Weeks In Italy

To slowly get their bearings, travelers to Italy are recommended to start their 3-week trip to the country by visiting underrated Milano and nearby destinations such as Lake Como and Turin. This way, they will not be overwhelmed by attractions they dreamt about for years. Moreover, starting the trip in the northwest of Italy is geographically the most suitable point for the remainder of the itinerary. Of course, during a three-week vacation in Italy, people will enjoy visiting the floating city, Venice, where they can hit its marvelous streets and ride Vaporetto water buses to nearby islands like Burano and Murano.

  • Recommended: When they're back on dry land, people can drive northward into the Dolomites. This is where they can enjoy the Swiss and Austrian vibes in Val fi Funes or Cortina and hike to Lake Sorapis or Tre Cime di Lavaredo.

Next on the list comes Tuscany, perfect for an Italy road trip. Other people may prefer to base themselves in Florence along the Arno River, where they can visit the town of San Gimignano. Other day trips from Tuscany include visiting the Cinque Terre located on the Ligurian Coast and other cities such as Siena, Pisa, and Bologna.

Logically, Rome would also be on top of the list of any visit to Italy, where people will have the chance to witness the most unique landmarks of the country, including the Vatican City, Colosseum, Spanish Steps, Trevi Fountain, and more.

  • What to eat: When in Rome, people are advised to try the delicious Italian culinary heritage, including tiramisu in Testaccio, carbonara in Trastevere, and fried artichokes in the Jewish Ghetto.

Next comes the turn of Italy's magnificent south, where people can visit Naples by taking the train and then move to nearby towns of Ercolano beneath Mt Vesuvius and Pompeii. Moreover, they can take a trip along the Amalfi Coast and visit islands such as Capri and Ischia. Heading east, people can witness Puglia and then see Alberobello, Matera, and Salento.

A trip of three weeks to Italy will also allow travelers to visit the marvelous islands of Sicily and Sardinia. The former can be reached by taking a flight to Catania and then riding the train to historical Siracusa. Moreover, they can spend a night in Taormina in the shadow of Mount Etna, spend a day in Cefalú, and hit Palermo. From there, Sardinia can be reached by plane. This is where people can drive from Cagliari to Olbia along the sea. Olbia is the closest city to the legendary Costa Smeralda.

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Why Are Three Weeks Needed For Experiencing Italy?

Many people might believe that they may need more than three weeks to fully explore Italy. They may want to stretch their vacation for a month or more. This is not a bad idea since many people may find themselves unable to travel around the country as fast as travel bloggers do. While three weeks will allow travelers to see a little bit of everything and everywhere in Italy, people who prefer to know more about the regions and deeply explore some cities must consider spending more than three weeks in the country.

Those looking to see everywhere in Italy must stretch their vacation to four or five weeks if possible. This extra time will allow visitors to dig deeper into the Italian culture, take cooking classes, or even study Italian. However, people looking to discover the country comprehensively cannot spend less than three weeks in Italy. For example, one week in the country will be merely enough to rush through Venice, Milano, Florence, and Rome. On the other hand, while two weeks will be enough to explore the country's tourist trail, they will not allow one to explore off the beaten path.

  • Cost: Excluding flights, main ones and internal, a traveler must expect to pay a minimum of EUR 2,000 during a 3-week trip in Italy. This figure can quickly go up to EUR 5,000 or even more depending on the types of experiences one is trying.

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