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Silverwood Theme Park in Idaho is one of the most fun things to do in Idaho with the family, thanks to its amazing selection of attractions and affordable rates. Travelers venturing out here are sure to have a great time, but they need to be sure to budget enough time. Silverwood Theme Park isn’t a park that can be seen reasonably in one day (especially if visitors want to fit in other adventurous attractions in Idaho).

With its main park and water park, travelers will have the best time making a two-day trip out of it to get the best out of it. Perhaps one day is devoted to the main park and the other is devoted to the water park or travelers split each between the main park and the water park. Either way, travelers will have a great time at Silverwood Theme Park.


Spend At Least Two Days At Silverwood Theme Park

When planning a trip to Silverwood Theme Park, travelers may be tempted to make a day trip out of it, but the park doesn’t open as early as parks such as Disney, so travelers would have to budget their time quite tightly or miss some parts of the park.

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Because of this, It is highly recommended that those traveling to the Silverwood Theme Park spend at least two days at the park to get the most out of it. This also makes for a great weekend trip for theme park lovers or families looking for a fun outing.

Spending two days at the park is easy to do with a wide selection of hotels around the park. Travelers could even stay further away from the park since it doesn’t open early anyway.

  • General Tickets (8-64) – $40
  • Child (3-7) – $24
  • Senior (65+) – $24
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What To Do At Silverwood Theme Park

Between Silverwood Theme Park and its water park Boulder Beach, travelers will have a selection of shows, rides, games, retail, and dining. Travelers simply have too much to do for a single day. Here is a look at what Silverwood Theme Park has to offer.


Aftershock is a metal monster that dominates Silverwood’s skyline. It stands at 191 feet tall with two major thrills.

The first takes its riders forwards through a cobra roll and inverted loop. The second thrill is when it's done backward.

  • Make - Vekoma
  • Height - 191 Feet
  • Longest Drop - 177 Feet
  • Top Speed - 65.6 MPH
  • Inversions - 3
  • Vertical Angle - 90 Degrees
  • G-Force - 4.5
  • Duration - 1:32
  • Opened - 2008
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Nick Norton Show

Nick Norton is Silverwood’s award-winning resident magician. He offers a Vegas-style magic show that is sure to entertain.

The show is 30-minutes long and includes illusions and sleight-of-hand work. He also works with a talented tech team to bring the show to love with lights, sound, video, CGI, live birds, and more.

  • 9/6 - 9/25 (Schedule) - Sat & Sun 3pm & 5pm
  • 9/29 - 10/29 (Schedule) - Sat 3pm, 5pm, 7pm, & 9pm
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Boulder Beach Bay

Boulder Beach Bay is the home of two wave pools for visitors to splash around and play in. Travelers with families will have a great time at either of the pools as they are both aesthetic in their northern Idaho setting.

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The waves are also on a five-minute cycle meaning that there five minute periods of waves and five-minute periods of still water allowing for a quick return to play after a brief rest.

  • Quantity - 2 Wave Pools
  • Gallons - 500,000 Gallons
  • Cycle - 5 min
  • Opened - 2003

Dining At Silverwood Theme Park

The nice thing about dining at Silverwood Theme Park is that travelers won’t see the massive markups experienced at many if not most theme parks for food.

This means travelers won’t feel the necessity to smuggle in food from outside sources quite as strongly.

The Refillable Souvenir Cups

Perhaps one of the best deals available at the park is their souvenir cup deal. After travelers purchase a cup for $9.94, they can will it up for just $0.99.

This is a great way for travelers to make sure they will always have a drink close by. It should be noted that this deal does not apply to alcoholic beverages, it's non-alcoholic only.

  • Souvenir Cup - $9-94
  • Cup Refill - $0.99

Some Snacking Advice

For those looking for a great deal on a snack, they should check out the ice cream at the Creamery in Silverwood Theme Park. Their serving sizes are quite large, with even their “kids cone” being impressive at just $2.99. Not to mention, the ice cream is amazingly delicious. It really is one of the best deals in the park.

Other snacks to check out are their bags of popcorn or cotton candy. They are just $2.99 each and are easily sharable, making for an affordable treat.