“Key Largo, Montego. Baby, why don’t we go?” Such are the beckoning words of the Beach Boys from their song, Kokomo. Perhaps, they, too, have witnessed the exquisite beauty of Key Largo. But what better way to experience it is through a laid-back day trip from Miami to this great Florida Key. Miami is known for loud fun and summer crowds. But if you want a pleasurable vacation less the crowd and the noise, why don’t you head off to Key Largo? Key Largo is not that far from Miami. The distance between these 2 great spots is only 60 miles from the heart of Miami to Key Largo - all the more reason to integrate these two places into your dream trip.


A fine day trip from Miami to Key Largo is an experience like no other! From white-sand beaches and Cuban coffee to magical coral reefs and offshore excursions, it is indeed something that everyone should consider adding to their list when they decide to travel for leisure. And of course, you can have all these in Miami and Key Largo.

The best traveling chapter begins with your trip to Key Largo. Yes, it’s only the beginning of a delightful and unforgettable expedition Florida has to offer. Check out the following exciting things that you can do for your day trip.

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Getting To Key Largo Is As Thrilling As Being In Key Largo

What’s best about going to Key Largo from Miami is convenience. Especially if you think that you don’t have enough time to do all that it needs while traveling, you’d be surprised to find out that the trip is actually relaxing and not as stressful as you think. You can go there by land or by sea. Either way, you will be able to experience the great tropical views, warm sun, and the blue sea. Surely, this is anyone’s dream vacation - and you don’t have to wait for nighttime, you get to see real fun and entertainment.

If you want to take a plane, be sure that you’ll be landing at Miami International Airport. You can enjoy a great aerial view of the entire Florida Keys. Afterward, you rent a car or shuttle for you to reach your final destination in about an hour.

But if you are driving directly to Key Largo, then, you are doing what is usually preferred by travelers and tourists. A good drive from Miami is a great suggestion if you want to have the ultimate Florida day trip. By doing so, you get to enjoy driving along with the best scenic spots the Overseas Highway has to offer.

The Days Are Always Young In Key Largo

Since it only takes about an hour to reach Key Largo from Miami, various daytime activities are waiting for visitors and adventure-seekers. Among the best activities that you can do during the day is visiting Islamorada. This is a breath-taking area that is also home to six local villages that makes an organic scene unique only to this island.

Islamorada is sometimes called Islas Morada. It is an amalgamated village located in Monroe County. Having been hailed as the fishing capital in the world, it is famous for its beautiful coral reefs and great fishing. It is also a great place for people to go fishing and other outdoor recreation. Families and friends can visit and enjoy a lot of popular activities that both kids and adults will surely love. Some of these activities include kayaking, eco-tours, parks, and museums.

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For those who are fishing enthusiasts, you will be able to get on board with some great fishing adventure professionals. Children and adults will have the opportunity to catch tuna, marlin, and even dolphins.

Take A Cruise In The Great Atlantic Ocean

While some love beach sands and palm trees in Key Largo, some are in love with the sea and the salty air it gives. You can also book a boat cruise that will allow you to experience an entirely different activity other than day sports.

You can choose great boat cruises – each of them has a personality of its own. For one, the Key Largo Princess allows you to experience different sights as you explore the Pennekamp Coral Rees State Park. You can’t have a worthy boat cruise without getting to see this park which is considered a popular must-see in Key Largo. What’s best about Key Largo Princess is that it comes with glass-bottom boats so you can take in a view of the local marine life without getting wet.

Indeed, you can never run out of exciting activities to do while you’re in Key Largo. Right from the very start of your trip, you already get to experience an overload of beautiful sights and scenery. Once you arrive in Key Largo, your whole summer day is a wonderland of sights, sounds, and smells. Surely, you’ll want to do it over again when you head back to Miami.

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