Getting out of the city for a day can feel like a wave of relief as a weight is lifted off a person. And for anyone visiting New York City, having the chance to escape it for the day can feel thrilling and adventurous - an entire world awaits travelers just outside of the city limits. When it comes to the furthest place from the city, that one can get to from the city, Greenport is the town you'll be looking for.

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While many people know that 'The End' refers to Montauk on Long Island, there is another 'end' on the North Shore. This is the same point on the island where travelers can get on the ferry to cross the Long Island Sound into Connecticut, or, they can hang out in the small town of Greenport, which is the very last stop on Long Island's North Fork.

How To Get There From New York City

Driving is one way to get out of New York City in order to get to anywhere in the surrounding area, be it Upstate or out on Long Island. However, this is not a reality for many people who live in or are visiting the city for a vacation. Therefore, two more options await eager travelers: a bus or the train. In terms of cost efficiency, the train is the best course of action; ticket prices will change according to peak and off-peak schedules, though. When taking the train out onto Long Island, passengers will need to head into Ronkonkoma Station before changing lines to Greenport. This isn't complicated, but it does take just over 3.5 hours in order to make it all the way out to the East End, so that's something to keep in mind.

Alternatively, the Hampton Jitney will bring passengers out to Greenport in a matter of just under three hours, which is not much longer than it would take a person to drive, considering traffic. There are no stops or line changes on the bus, but it is the more expensive option - it all comes down to how much your time is worth.

Exploring The Great Town Of Greenport

Greenport is a very easy city to walk in and this is the absolute best way to experience it. The entire town sits right on the waterfront which means that even from the town's main street, visitors will be able to see straight down to the harbor. There are a number of festivals that happen in town throughout the year but in the event that you happen to be visiting on a non-festival day, there's still plenty to do. To start the morning off right, head to the Blue Duck Bakery Cafe on Front Street. This is where you can get a (great) cup of coffee, a pastry, and settle down in Mitchell Park (which is a short walk across and down the street) to eat while watching the boats come in and out of the harbor. This is also where the Greenport Antique Carousel is, which adds a festive air to this prime waterfront spot.

After finishing up breakfast, it's time to do some shopping. There's no end to the wonderful small shops that call Greenport their home and, during the summer, many of them load racks of clothes and items out onto the sidewalk for browsing. There are many boutique shops here and also plenty of vintage and antique stores that one could browse for hours. You never know what you'll in any corner of a Greenport store - treasures await the ambitious shopper!

For history buffs, there are five main historic stops that are walkable from the center of Greenport. The East End Seaport Museum can be found on 3rd Street and includes exhibits that detail the history of the seaport dating back before the 1900s, complete with artifacts from lighthouses and the town's fishing industry. The Railroad Museum of Long Island is a must for train lovers; interactive exhibits and antique train parts, along with dioramas, can be found in an old LIRR freight house. The artifacts inside are rare, and they're worth seeing for anyone who's a fan of this old-world transportation. The 1840 School House Museum and Greenport Jail and Police Museum are also worth checking out and feature local artifacts from Greenport. The Blacksmith Shop can be found in Mitchell Park not far from the carousel and is also worth a peek.

Dinner In Greenport

Dining in Greenport is a truly magical experience. For newcomers, the price of seafood with a view is worth it, especially when diners are sat on the outside deck just in time to watch the sunset.

There are many restaurants to choose from, with Claudio's being one of the most popular, but restaurants such as Biére (traditional French) or Emilio's (traditional Italian) offer great menus, as well.

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