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Capri is famously (or infamously) expensive. It has, after all, been a resort island since the time of the ancient Roman Republic. Capri has always been considered a luxury travel destination, consequently, many people think that the island is out of their budget. But it is also possible to visit the island for a reasonable price - especially if one only stays for the day.

Capri is known as one of the world's most exclusive destinations, but it is still doable for people willing to make compromises on what to do there. There are many seemingly expensive destinations all around the world that can be explored on a budget - Africa is typically also expensive but it is also possible to explore much of the continent on a backpacking budget.


Cost Of Transport To Capri

According to Capri.com, the high-speed ferry ticket will set one back 45 Euros ($48) for a round-trip ticket. The standard ferry is 40 Euros ($42) and the slow ferry is only 28 Euros ($30). The cost of the taxi from Naples to the port is around 20 Euros or $21.

Ferry Round Trip Cost:

  • High-Speed Ferry: 45 Euros ($48)
  • Standard Ferry: 40 Euros ($42)
  • Slow Ferry: 28 Euros ($30)

One needn't worry about the cost of an Uber or taxi on Capri as cars are mostly forbidden on the island. That being said there is one road on the island and one can get a taxi from Marina Grande to Piazzetta for 17 Euros. There is however a bus and funicular and the ticket for them is 2 Euro ($2.20) per ride.

One of the things to do on the island is to take the chairlift up to Mount Solaro - that costs 12 Euros for a round trip or 9 Euros one way. Some people like to hike up and take the chairlift down or vice versa.

  • Chairlift: Euro 12 ($13) Return or 9 Euro ($10) One Way

Other transport-related expenses on Capri include around 20 Euros for a boat to the Blue Grotto. One option on the island is to rent a scooter. These cost around 65 Euros for day use (from 10.00 am to 7.00 pm) but one can often get them for 45 Euros if one books them online.

  • Scooter Rental: 65 Euros ($70) Per Day (45 Euros or $48 Online Price)

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Cost Of Tourist Attractions On Capri

The main part of enjoying the island is to soak in the atmosphere, slow things down, and marvel at the dramatic cliffs. But still, there are some things on the island with admission fees - although children under the age of 18 are normally free. They are also normally free on the first Sunday of the month.

Some attractions with admission fees are:

  • Blue Grotto: 14 Euros (Not Included In Boat Fare)
  • Gardens of Augustus: 1 Euro
  • Villa Jovis: 4 Euros
  • Villa San Michele - Axel Munthe: 8 Euros
  • Chiesa di San Michele: 3 Euros

Cost Of Restaurants, Cafes, and Beaches On Capri

This is where the real expense of Capri hits home (and why it's ok budget-wise for people to visit for the day with a packed lunch). A sun lounger on a private beach club starts at a hefty 30 Euros alone.

  • Sun Loungers: From 30 Euros ($32)
  • 3-Course Dinner: From 80 Euros ($84)
  • Pizzeria: From 20 Euros ($21)
  • Drink At A Nightclub: From 15 Euros ($16)

So a nice day on Capri with a boat tour, a visit to Blue Grotto, the chairlift up Mount Solaro, and a simple panino for lunch will cost around 100 Euros per person. That's excluding drinks, the ferry, and accommodation (in case one wants to stay the night).

To control the budget, one really needs to watch the dining and drinking on the island. A night out with a drink, a restaurant dinner, and a cover in a nightclub will easily cost around 150 Euros or $160.

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Cost Of Accommodation On Capri

Accommodation is expensive on Capri with many accommodations in excess of 1,000 Euros (dollars). Many of the accommodations are 300-400 Euros a night - perhaps affordable for many folks for one night, but certainly not an extended stay.

Still, there are some relatively affordable options for those who plan ahead. Capri.com lists some hotels with rooms from 150 Euros ($160) a night breakfast included.

  • Cheapest: From 150 Euros ($160)

While Capri is stunning to be sure, it is also expensive because it's famous. There are countless other stunning places in Italy that are just as beautiful, but unknown and a fraction of the price.