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Mass tourism is linked to congestion and pollution, eventually leading to carbon emissions in travel destinations that are very much sought-after. In recent years, many travelers are becoming conscious of the impacts they make on places they are traveling. Now more companies are ethically bounded to propose sustainable ways of traveling, thanks to the rise of conscious travelers. There are many aspects to being a conscious traveler. The simplest way of traveling consciously is by being mindful of the world one is traveling to by being able to open up to different cultures, customs, and languages. With the rise of conscious travel, there are many tourists who prefer to indulge in ecological activities such as hiking, kayaking, or snorkeling, while others prefer to visit places such as ranches to experience wilderness and try local products. Such type of travel contributes to the understanding of the particular destination when one is visiting. And some also go to great lengths to participate in various activities such as protecting the environment, hence, leaving a positive impact on the community.


As per researchers, it was noted that airplanes contribute around 4% to human-induced global warming. The airplanes produce carbon dioxide as well as non-carbon dioxide emissions, which include nitrogen oxides, water, vapor, soot, and sulfate aerosols. These compounds consequently interact with the atmosphere and thus have an impact on the climate in several ways and at different time scales. Thanks to technology, today's conscious travelers have various easy, accessible, and affordable ways to contribute to the planet.

Trees4Travel is a company that accompanies travelers in making positive impacts on the planet. They have come up with an interesting idea of planting trees in developing countries to absorb carbon dioxide emissions, along with restoring forests and biodiversity and also supporting local communities by creating green jobs for them so that they can lift themselves out of poverty. Whenever a traveler purchases a tree, part of the money is invested into the United Nations certified renewable energy programs, which are geared towards reducing carbon emissions, and thus creating climate positivity through sustainable, ethical, and regenerative action. The company is also a member of the ‘One Trillion Trees campaign’ and is currently supporting 13 of the 17 UN Global Sustainable Goals.

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How Can You Plant A Tree While Traveling Sustainably?

By doing the simplest but most important thing while traveling, we can all make our planet a better place. And this can be achieved by planting one tree. There are many reasons why trees are so crucial for our planet. Thanks to trees, we can breathe fresh air as they help clean the air by absorbing harmful pollutants and carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. Trees not only filter the air, but they help clean our drinking water. And in addition, their roots prevent soil erosion and flooding. Moreover, trees are a safe haven for many living species such as birds, insects, fungi, moss, and other animals. Plus, staying in a green area such as a forest improves one’s health, the Japanese call it shinrin-yoku, meaning forest bathing, which is eco-therapy.

Trees4Travel helps you travel sustainably by planting a tree for the traveler. Travelers purchase a tree, and the money collected is used to plant indigenous trees in selected regions. These regions are carefully selected, and the company worked closely with verified and vetted tree planting partners who have years of experience in working in their local environments. Travelers will be able to track the progress and maintenance of the tree through various means, including video footage and photographs.

How Does Trees4Travel Work Systematically?

  • Travelers purchase a tree and see the actual location of their trees
  • CO2 emissions are calculated from the trips which travelers register
  • Find out how much CO2 the tree has absorbed on a monthly basis through a dashboard
  • Trees4Travel will guide travelers to improve their carbon footprint

Positive Impacts:

  • An easy and affordable way to contribute to the planet while traveling
  • Supporting the welfare of the local planting communities
  • Help propagate indigenous trees for the highest environmental impact
  • Help keep the planet safe for future generations

Trees4Travel focuses on:

  • Restoring biodiversity and natural ecosystems
  • Help in offsetting the carbon emission in the atmosphere
  • Enhance human health and well-being
  • Work closely with different partners
  • Monitor projects
  • Help travelers bring positive change to the world

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Places Where Trees Are Planted

Trees4Travel is currently working on three destinations, notably Haiti, Indonesia, and Nepal, to carry out the tree planting projects. Haiti, having lost most of its forests, is regarded as one of the most environmentally degraded countries on earth. As per the United Nations, Haiti loses its trees annually from the remaining 30% due to charcoal production. Thanks to the collective efforts, Trees4Travel can plant trees that include species such as Gliricidia sepium, Leucaena Leucocephala, and Delonix Regia. For instance, Gliricidia sepium is cultivated for its flowers which are edible when cooked. It also has many medicinal values for cough, fever, and wounds. The impact of planting such trees is various, especially in poverty-stricken areas, by addressing food security.

The rise of conscious travelers across the world in recent years has prompted many countries, such as in Europe, to come up with some concrete actions to efficiently tackle over-tourism in the hope of conserving the environment and old sites. With one step, we all can contribute to the good of the planet.