With the new year finally here, there will be many commercials and advertisements encouraging people to take part in all kinds of things that will drastically improve their lives. With that being said, it's simple: For those considering a solid home workout option, great! Go for it. For those who are perfectly happy with their routines, awesome! Do you.

And then there are those who have deemed 2021 the year that they'll finally take that thru-hike or explore their local landscape, and even some who are planning pilgrimages to some of the world's greatest, and most rewarding, multi-day hikes. While many can be done without any type of training and without previous experience, there are others that require a certain level of fitness for a person to complete it comfortably and, in reality, safely. Training for a long hike might sound daunting considering the sheer number of terrain types is often an overwhelming thing to research, but it doesn't need to be. Furthermore, there's no need to join a gym if a solid investment is something worth a person's time and effort - when it comes to the best at-home pieces of equipment that will work multiple aspects of a person's body and get them ready for days or weeks of hiking, here's what to consider.


WalkingPad S1 Saves On Space And Is Great For Simple Workouts

If you've never heard of a portable, foldable treadmill before then allow us to introduce the Walking Pad S1. The real MVP trait of this piece of equipment is the fact that it takes up a fourth the amount of room (if not less) than that of a traditional treadmill and still functions just as well.

It's not bulky and allows users to set it up at anything from the living room in front of the big screen, or at a stand-up desk for a mindless workout at work. It can also be used via the app as well as manually, making it versatile for any space and well worth the $799 price tag.

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Peloton Bike Is Personal And Offers Tremendous Versatility For Workouts

It's very possible that Peloton will continue to be one of the greatest and most user-friendly workout equipment brands for years to come. Not only does the bike offer thousands of workouts on demand, but live classes are streamed regularly with instructors who genuinely care, and live, breathe, and sleep motivation and encouragement.

The app also has running, walking, hiking, strength, yoga, cardio, dance, and - the latest addition -  pilates, classes available. The bike ranges in price but averages $2,245 and just under depending on the model and plan.

NordicTrack X32i Smart HD Touchscreen Treadmill Offers Scenic Views

Similar to the Peloton bike, the NordicTrack X32i Smart HD Touchscreen Treadmill offers classes on-demand with a library that contains over 16,000 options. This treadmill has been built for comfortability as well as efficiency and the beautiful thing about it is the fact that each class takes the runner on a different scenic route.

This means that every run, jog, or walk is different, with a new destination to explore on each journey, complete with a grade that increases or decreases based on the terrain. The NordicTrack is available for just under $4,000.

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Tonal Intelligent Fitness System Doesn't Require Any Extra Gear

For those who desire their home gym to come in one package with plenty of options, the Tonal Intelligent Fitness System has it all without the need for weights or additional cardio equipment.

The equipment itself is wall-mounted so it takes up virtually no extra space and all that's required is a few feet in front to provide enough room for each workout. The handles that are attached to the machine are designed to add weight digitally so that each workout is incredibly accurate, for just under $3,000.

Escape Fitness STEP System Aerobic Platform Is Affordable And Effective

Affordable options can be just as effective as high-end options and the Escape Fitness STEP System Aerobic Platform proves that. For just under $90, this piece of workout equipment is small enough to fit in practically any space and allows the user to fully customize workouts.

To increase the difficulty of workouts, risers can be purchased to boost the calorie burn and add extra effort to each step, all while working every muscle that would normally be worked during a challenging hike. It's a great little piece of equipment for an existing home gym or to get started, especially since it's portable and can be used indoors or outdoors.

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