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Los Angeles is among the most vibrant cities the world has seen. From its crazy nightlife to state-of-the-art hotels, the LA experience hits differently no wonder tourists are spoiled for choice.

The best time to visit LA is from September to November and between March and May when most places are not overcrowded. The average temperature during these few months is favorable, so tourists can visit various outdoor attractions or walk around comfortably.

How Long Do Vacationers Need To See The Best Of LA?

Los Angeles is never a one-day city. With the many activities on one’s plate, a couple of days are required for an awesome experience. The following is an intimate plan on how to spend three days in LA.


Day 1 In Los Angeles: Explore These Beautiful Beaches

LA is home to multiple beaches and nature trails giving vacationers the luxury to pick a set that works for them. The perfect introduction to LA’s wildlife is by visiting the vast beach area.

Venice Beach

Stretching over 1.5 miles, Venice Beach gives vacationers a good start to LA life. Covered with silky sand, expect an eventful day on this beach. From street performers’ entertainment to wild merchandise being marketed, this beach has a lot to offer to the average vacationer.

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Santa Monica State Beach

Further down the LA coastline is another iconic beach. Santa Monica State Beach is known for its lengthy and white sand traits. Sand bathing here is a therapeutic experience on its own.

Laguna Beach

Located in the mid downtown LA, the Laguna Beach is the place to be when on a 3-day vacation down the East. Vacationers enjoy lots of activities to keep them engaged throughout.

The beach area is a good way to spend the first day for those on an LA trip. Submerging in ocean waters helps vacationers to relax their muscles as they prepare for the second-day activities.

More importantly, making the coastal strip the first destination helps vacationers book rooms that will host them for the next three days.

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Day 2 In LA: Best Museums & Famous Landmarks To See

After a successful day touring the coast, now it's time for vacationers to explore the most Instagrammed spots everyone wants to visit in Los Angeles.

Urban Light

Travelers who love art find the Urban Light quite interesting. The 202 installations in this art are more than just streetlamps. They are a depiction of LA in the 1920s. Thanks to their uniqueness, they’ve also have featured in movies.

Hollywood Sign

Is there a better way to prove setting foot in LA? Day two of the visit will be easily punctuated by the Hollywood Sign. The sign is only unique to Los Angeles and not even the breathtaking pictures taken on the LA beach can outdo it. With three miles to be covered up and down, touring the sign is a hiking adventure on its own. The sign is clearly what it looks like in movies.

Griffith Observatory

The Griffith Observatory is another worthy mention among day-2 activities. Since its construction in 1935, it has been one of the most visited sites in the world. The site is on hilly terrain, so it’s almost inaccessible by car. However, vacation time is walking time. Stroll your way up there and enjoy breathtaking views of downtown LA.

The Urban Light, Hollywood Sign, and Griffith Observatory serve as the main activities, to sum up, the second day. Based on LA’s scorching sun, that is the best the average vacationer can do.

Again, factoring in meal breaks and those freaking points when legs can’t move anymore, the three landmarks will be enough. The rest of the time will be spent at the beach resort for some well-deserved rest.

Day 3 In Los Angeles: Incredible Movie Theaters Not To Miss

During the final day of the Las Vegas stay, vacationers need to go big and slow at the same. Going big here implies splashing some cash on an expensive movie experience. Famed for its incredible movie-making history, there is a lot to explore and learn from movie theaters on this final day.

Academy Museum of Motion Pictures

Adventurers looking to understand LA’s movie-making history have a good one here. Owned by the Oscars parent company, there is a lot to learn from this facility. As much as it is a museum, it is also a theater where vacationers interact with some of the best stories in Hollywood’s movie history.

Dolby Theater

Still in the theater mood, the Dolby Theater is another worthy option for the final day. Being the present-day host of the Academy Awards, you can only guess what it feels like from the inside. It is exactly what cameras present live during the awards ceremony. Catching a live movie inside a theater goes a long way in lighting the whole Los Angeles experience.

The Paramount Pictures studios also provide a detailed intimate behind-the-scenes history of Hollywood. Lasting over a century, the history behind the closed doors of the studio is captivating, so it automatically calls for a second visit.

Touring LA shouldn’t always be a daunting task. Making prior plans means no single second of the vacation is left unutilized. In the future, there is a need to shift the vacation from three days to seven for a better LA experience.