Unalaska is an island that lies in the furthermost corner of North America. It's the furthest (and the most remote island) that one can get to by using public transportation only. It is a territory of the US as it's part of Alaska, but its name does make it sound a bit... unreachable. As anti-Alaska as it might seem, Unalaska is a beautiful part of the state and one that not too many are hurrying to visit, making it somewhat underrated as well.

There are tons of activities for those visiting Alaska, but Unalaska is quite unique in its list of must-do things. For those fascinated by history and nature, this is one place that should be on your bucket list.


Museum of the Aleutians

Since Unalaska sits in the middle of the Aleutian Islands, it makes sense that it would have had a long history before it. The island was inhabited for the first time nearly 9,000 years ago, and much of that timeline can be learned about at the Museum of the Aleutians. The Unangan people were native to this part of Alaska and this museum covers everything up to WWII.

Exhibits include primitive items artifacts that demonstrate what life was like prior to Russian fur-traders making landfall. As visitors progress through the island's early history, they'll learn about the internment of the Unangan people during the war as well, up to the way of life there today.


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Hike Up Mount Ballyhoo For History And Views

Mount Ballyhoo is a great hike as well as a good way to learn more about Unalaska's World War II history. Hikers will get a first-hand view of the vantage point from the summit, which served an important role during the war.

Aside from the history of this spot, it's a beautiful place to take in all of the underlying nature - including the Bering Sea. Bird watching is a great activity to take part in from this height, as visitors can sometimes see bald eagles flying to and from their seaside nests.

Visit Front Beach

The view from the shores of Front Beach are just as stunning as those from above. It's a great spot for local fishing but also a good vantage point to bird watch. Campfires and boat-watching are a good way to spend some time here, taking in all the beauty this rocky beach has to offer.

It's also very easy to get to and near two other attractions - the Holy Ascension Russian Orthodox Church and Memorial Park - so it's easy enough to fit into one day of sightseeing.

Check Out The Holy Ascension Russian Orthodox Church

This church was built in the mid-1700s after the Russians made landfall in Unalaska. Influences from Russia are obvious in the architecture and style of this church, which is what makes it the oldest cruciform-style in the country.


The interior of the church is home to Russian artifacts as well as 16th-century relics, although the timing is limited for inside access.

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Book A Sea Kayaking Tour In Unalaska Bay

Unalaska Bay is arguably one of the most beautiful parts of Unalaska and there are multiple ways to explore every inch of it. Since it's fairly remote, the wildlife here has been left to inhabit this region, making any exhibition an exciting one. Chartering a boat is one way to see it all in action, but kayaking allows visitors to get an up-close and personal look with a local.

Possible animals visitors could see are humpback whales, orcas, sea lions, sea otters, Minke whales, and even white-sided dolphins.

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