Travel fatigue is something that's not talked about nearly enough, and it happens to the best of us. Inevitably, that fatigue sets in whether it's on the plane ride back home or the next day when we're forced to return to a routine. The exhaustion, mental fog, and overall grogginess sets in, and many times, we don't realize that what we're dealing with is fatigue from our previous travels.

Something that is meant to recharge and revitalize a person can often have the opposite effect, as well, especially following so many years of a pandemic. Travel fatigue is more common than one might realize, and recognizing the signs is one thing but knowing how to deal with it - well, that's another thing entirely. Here are some ways to negate the effects of travel fatigue while also learning how to cope with it as the world continues to open up.

10 Take Some Time To Chill On Your Return

Making time to relax following a big trip is just as important as travel itself. Travelers should make time to reset, even if it's only for a day or so; it can be a day filled with self-care, lounging around, or even doing something motivating like going out shopping or cleaning the house. Whatever brings a person peace of mind is what can constitute 'self-care,' even if they've just had a vacation.

9 Avoid Overdoing It On Vacation

This is something that many people find themselves doing in a post-pandemic travel world. It's easy enough to cram as much as we possibly can into one trip, only to deal with the fatigue that is sure to follow. While the temptation is there, travelers should stick to what they can handle without feeling overwhelmed. There will be time for more travel, but there isn't always time to cooperate after a go-go-go type of vacation.

8 Consider Taking The Long Route Home

In the past, the goal was to fit as much into a vacation as possible and minimize the time spent traveling by opting for shorter flights with fewer stops. However, in today's day and age, opting to spend a day or so in another place due to a layover is something many travelers are actually embracing. Having that extra day in there for travel can help with jet lag and a slew of other travel-related fatigues, so it's something to take advantage of.

7 Opt For Slow Travel Rather Than Speedy Transportation

One example of this is train travel, which is also becoming more and more popular - especially in the case of sleeper trains. Travelers are opting for slower means of transportation to literally, and metaphorically, 'enjoy the journey.' This also allows travelers to see additional sights along the way, all while feeling calm and serene during travel rather than rushed at an airport.

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6 Embrace The Great Outdoors

It's perfectly fine to spend time in museums and other indoor attractions, but it's also a good idea to spend some time outdoors. Be sure to visit a park or make time to stroll around downtown, because this will really recharge the body, and being active only encourages endorphin production. This is also a good tip to have upon returning home, whether it's a walk in one's neighborhood or a trip to the local park.

5 Plan Something Fun After Getting Back Home

Having something to look forward to rather than the general nothing that many people experience after returning from a vacation can only help. Whether it's a fun night out with friends, a fancy dinner, or even a night in with one's favorite takeout, it's worth doing. This will help the work week go by and will also shed a little bright light on those post-vacation blues.

4 Book A Massage Or Another Spa Service

To really embrace the idea of relaxation after a big vacation, book a massage or other type of service. A trip to the spa might be exactly what one needs to calm the nerves after returning home and will work out any post-travel kinks from the stress that may have arisen.

3 Avoid Moving From Place To Place While On Vacation

The act alone of packing up a bag and moving between multiple places while on vacation sounds exhausting. So, if this is a concern in regard to travel fatigue, then it's something that should be avoided. Rather, consider choosing one place that's centrally located and near everything on the destination bucket list.

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2 Get A Good Night's Sleep, Both During And After Vacation

It sounds boring to get a good night's sleep while on vacation, but this will only serve to better the experience. For those who aren't able to get a full eight hours, consider popping a quick power nap somewhere into the vacation to make up for those lost hours of sleep.

1 Eat At Least Some Healthy Meals While On Vacation

This could mean anything from including veggies with dinner or sipping on a smoothie while walking the beach. No matter where it comes from, there should be a few healthy meals or snacks thrown in there, because food is fuel. What we put into our bodies counts, even on vacation - and the last thing anyone wants to do is feel sluggish and run-down after eating only sweets or fried foods.