Let's face it, since 2016, we've seen the universe get knocked into such a tilt, we're starting to get used to alternative realities invading our conventional space. The last U.S. election and the international fallout may just be the tip of the iceberg.

But in more regular walks of life, there's been no shortage of reported glitches in what we call the Matrix, such as seeing a person in two places simultaneously, window reflections that defy the optics, and dreams doubling as premonitions. Oh, and one more thing, how about a backpack that looks like it's floating in mid-air while its carrier bobs up and down with every step taken?


Pending the results of a Kickstarter campaign, that last anecdote will most likely be the latest invention to suspend disbelief. The contraption is called the Hoverglide backpack, which promises to take a heaping load off your back, neck, and vital parts of your legs. Backpacks that bounce in reaction to its carrier's movements add extra stress on the body. The HoverGlide's patented Suspended Load Technology eliminates those additional downward forces in much the same way shock absorbers help keep a car level while driving on a bumpy road.

Studies conducted on the invention have revealed that the suspension in the backpack reduces these forces by nearly 90 percent, resulting in lowering the likelihood of joint pain, exertion, and even injury, allowing you to cover more distance on foot.

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Besides greater convenience for hikers, campers, and even college students with a plethora of books to lug from class to class, the creators of HoverGlide are also hoping that emergency relief staffers like firefighters and frontline disaster relief personnel will also benefit from the invention.

Soldiers constantly on patrol comprise another potential market. So far, the U.S. Army and U.S. Marine Corps are field-testing the backpack and its suspension feature to see if the product can be applied to combat conditions.

HoverGlide, once it has the startup cash to enter the market, plans to have four different styles and sizes, with capacity ranging from 28 to 55 pounds. It's also supposed to come with a 20-inch frame that can accommodate three of the varying backpack sizes.

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