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Halloween season is upon us, and it's time for something spooky. There are plenty of excellent scary Halloween experiences to be had, from Independence, Kansas' Neewollah festival (Halloween spelled backward) to ghost tours of haunted mansions to the spooky London Dungeon in the United Kingdom. For folks traveling to Upstate New York, they will be spoiled for attractions and things to do.

One of the gems of that part of the Empire State is the House of Frankenstein Max Museum. It is a thrilling activity for families and groups looking for a good time. Journey into a spine-tingling world of horror Sci-Fi and have a Halloween worth remembering. It is no ordinary max museum and has more than just Frankenstein and his monster featuring macabre moments from history.


The Story Of Frankenstein And His Monster

According to Mary Shelley, Victor Frankenstein created a monster from the dead. Today her novel is one of the great themes of Halloween.

Mary Shelley traveled through Europe in 1815 and stayed near Frankenstein Castle in Germany - a castle with a haunted past that some claim was the inspiration for her successful novel. The castle has since become a famous German Halloween attraction. She started penning the story when she was only 18 and published it anonymously in London when she was 20.

Mary Shelley's 1818 novel "Frankenstein or, The Modern Prometheus" has been a favorite of film for just about as long as movies have existed. As early as 1910, Frankenstein's monster spooked audiences around the world - starting with the 1910 American short silent horror film "Frankenstein."

  • First Screen Adaptation: The 1910 Short Film Frankenstein

The number of movies that have starred Frankenstein is innumerable - everything from Mel Brooks' 1974 parody Young Frankenstein to the more modern Hotel Transylvania.

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The House Of Frankenstein Wax Museum Experience

The House of Frankenstein in Upstate New York's Lake George promises to be a thrilling and screamy day out for any group. The House of Frankenstein has been entertaining vacationing folks at Lake George now for around 50 years.

Those who dare step foot in the House of Frankenstein will be confronted with many "monsters." The museum is full of creatures lining the hallways - some of them move and talk, and many make visitors scream. The House of Frankenstein is not just another wax museum like Madame Tussauds and is a fun and thrilling Halloween season event to enjoy with friends and family.

Outside the museum greeting people on the street is Frankenstein's monster himself. He is a favorite of the town to take Instagram selfies with. The costumed monster of Frankenstein can only pop out in the hot summer sun for around 15 minutes at a time before needing to go back inside and cool off.

As one wanders the haunted hallways of the House of Frankenstein, visitors flashback to the innumerable movie adaptations of the famous novel. Apart from the costumed green monster popping out on the street in the summer, none of the displays are alive (or undead). But some of them do move and talk. The museum is suitably creepy, with dim hallways showcasing crypts of animated dioramas with wax figures and mannequins. These range from the more benign (like a depiction of the Salem witch trials) to the rather macabre (like the history of torture devices).

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Planning A Visit To The House Of Frankenstein

Families with small children are urged to exercise parental discretion as some kids may find the exhibits and attractions scary. Otherwise, parents may have to deal with screaming kids with nightmares later on. The House of Frankenstein Wax Museum is based on classic literature and traditional aspects of early wax museums. There are scenes of violence in a darkened environment.

  • Hours: 10.00 am to 5.00 pm (Vary Seasonally)


  • Adults: $12.15
  • Students: $11.21 (Aged 13-17 Years Old)
  • Children: $7.48 (Aged 6-12 Years Old)

Lake George is a town in Warren County in New York famous for the Village of Lake George - a famous summer tourist destination and historic summer colony. It is billeted as America's Original Vacation offering a range of attractions to unwind and relax. It has lavish waterfront hotels, secluded log cabins, camping, hiking, water sports, and, of course, the House of Frankenstein wax museum.