When it comes to hotels, there are all kinds of qualifications we look for. Is it expensive? How big are the rooms? Is there a jacuzzi? While the height of the hotel may not be as important as these other crucial qualifications, it certainly doesn’t hurt to have a wonderful view of your surroundings. The following is a list containing a few of the tallest hotels in the world that are also great places to stay in terms of quality. You’re sure to enjoy the marvelous benefits and scenery they each offer. Depending on which floor you stay on, you might even see a cloud or two float by!

10 Gevora Hotel, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Currently standing as the tallest hotel in the world, the Gevora Hotel in Dubai offers breathtaking views like no other. At over 1,148-feet tall (106 stories), this magnificent building is considered quite the sightseeing destination before we even review its hotel qualifications. Although it is technically a four-star hotel, the Gevora holds luxuries that will put some of its five-star competitors to shame.

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For instance, guests enter through revolving doors coated in solid gold before approaching the lavish lobby full of marble accents. The only (rather surprising) downside? The building does not provide alcohol due to licensing concerns. However, many have admitted that the astounding view and luxurious service is well worth the lack of booze.

9 JW Marriott Marquis, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

At just three feet shorter than the Gevora, this hotel takes the silver medal for its height. However, what it lacks in height, it makes up in stars. This gorgeous five-star establishment features two beautiful towers overlooking the Dubai Water Canal.

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Offering pricey penthouses equipped with high-tech systems, plus (slightly) more affordable suite rooms, the JW Marriott is a blend of traditional arrangements and futuristic innovations. Unlike the Gevora, this hotel depicts an extremely enticing selection of both bars and restaurants to suit all of your needs. Guests also enjoy relaxing visits to the luxurious health spa featuring saunas, as well as free fitness classes!

8 Four Seasons Place, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Next up, we have a change of scenery with the Four Seasons Place being in the lovely country of Malaysia. As the capital city, Kuala Lumpur offers an invigorating mix of both nostalgic traditional cultures and the quickly growing modern technological world. This hotel not only offers a magical view of the cultural blend but also provides countless services for guests to fully experience the area.

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The building itself, standing at 1,122 feet, is composed of the hotel, apartments and a monstrously sized shopping mall for both guests and residents to enjoy. Lastly, with personalized services, guests barely need to lift a finger in order to gain access to their various desired luxuries.

7 Baiyoke Tower, Bangkok, Thailand

Now, if we went purely on hotel heights, this entire list would be almost fully comprised of hotels in Dubai. However, in order to explore as many different cultures in the top lists as possible, we’ve included some buildings in different countries. The Baiyoke Tower, for example, is an extremely tall hotel (at 1,013 feet) in Bangkok, Thailand, that is also known for its proximity to the famous Pratunam Market, where thousands of street vendors sell authentic handmade garments. Visitors have asserted that this tower truly opens your eyes to classic Thai culture. Furthermore, with an open, outdoor revolving deck on the 84th floor, the Baiyoke Tower offers a view that is definitely one of a kind.

6 Wuxi Maoye City, China - Marriott Hotel

Unlike other buildings, the Wuxi Maoye City - Marriott Hotel offers a simplistic, elegant style composed of a glassy rectangular prism. As one of the focal points in the financial district section of the rapidly developing Chinese city, this 997-foot building is a crucial meeting point for a plethora of business executives. The hotel itself is pretty standard to others under the Marriott name, but the location provides guests with a relaxing view of the bustling city life around them. It is also extremely close to many of the famous traditional sightseeing streets in Wuxi, offering a multitude of recreational activities to visitors.

5 The Bahia Grand Panama, Panama City, Panama

Enjoy the ocean breeze? Then head to the other side of the world and the Bahia Grand Panama, a breathtaking work of architecture standing on the waterfront in an extremely luxurious district of the country. The 932-foot establishment includes pools, indoor bars and poolside bars in which to unwind and relax, but also features family-friendly activities such as a day at the beach. You can also enjoy beautiful suite rooms with full-length windows overlooking the ocean, complete with a balcony equipped with outdoor furniture. Whether you’re enjoying a solo trip or taking your whole family out, you can definitely find your fit at the Bahia Grand Panama.

4 The Cullinan South Tower, Hong Kong, China

If you love the ocean but Panama isn’t the right fit, then head back to Asia and check out the 886-foot Cullinan South Tower in Hong Kong. This beautiful waterfront hotel features a futuristic glass design that matches with the nearby global financial center. In addition to all the normal luxuries offered by a high-end hotel, you also have the advantage of the location to explore the countless pleasures offered by Hong Kong itself.

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From late-night snacking at various vendor markets to exploring Hong Kong Disneyland, you will only be limited to your imagination. In fact, one of the most famous landmarks in Hong Kong will be practically outside your window. You can enjoy the famous Victoria Harbour night shows practically from your hotel room!

3 Grand Lisboa, Macau, China

Out of this entire list, the Grand Lisboa, at 856 feet, definitely takes the gold for the most fascinating design out of the world’s tallest hotels. With its highly unique color and shape, the Lisboa mimics a large golden flower blooming into the air, especially at night.

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Featuring top class casinos, the Lisboa is at the center of what is known as the Asian Las Vegas. Guests from all over the world, including many top celebrities, are known to travel to Macau and stay at the Lisboa in order to relax and unwind. With sexy Paris shows and Michelin starred restaurants in proximity, the Lisboa definitely presents an extremely alluring lifestyle. However, for obvious reasons, it isn’t very suited for children.

2 Detroit Marriott At The Renaissance Center, Chicago, USA

Marriott takes yet another spot on the list! At 755 feet, this hotel sits right on the edge of Detroit River, providing another stunning waterfront view. Not only is it a popular place to stay for business, but its proximity to the riverwalk and its grand ballrooms also make it a huge attraction for weddings. In fact, a single ballroom (featuring floor to ceiling windows overlooking the river) can fit up to 1800 guests! In addition to wedding attractions, the building also offers amazing fitness centers, restaurants, and suites for guests of any age. As a bonus, Detroit Marriott is also super environmentally conscientious as a Greenpartner on Tripadvisor.

1 InterContinental Doha, The City, Qatar

Last but not least, we have InterContinental Doha from the country of Qatar. This five-star establishment has plenty of other benefits in addition to its height (725 feet!). Featuring contemporary style, the hotel matches the vibe of the extremely modernized and technological city that it resides in. Included with every room are a fully equipped kitchen, an excellent flatscreen TV, and an amazing view of the surrounding city. With fitness clubs and a plethora of different restaurant options, this hotel is also great for families of all sizes. If you take a trip to Qatar, make sure to check out this fantastic building!

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