At times Las Vegas has boasted the world's largest hotel, but not for some time now. Now the largest hotel in the world is in Malaysia and is oddly named "First World Hotel & Plaza". For a few years in the 2000s and 2010s, The Venetian overtook First World Hotel to become the largest hotel in the world. Today The Venetian is massive and worth visiting if only for its crazy canals.

The First World Hotel & Plaza is located in the Genting Highlands in Malaysia and is a hotel, shopping, and entertainment complex. Having the world's largest hotel is just one of many reasons why Malaysia is one of the most underrated countries in Asia.


Size Of The First World Hotel

In the hotel's own words the First World Hotel is "Coated in bright, colorful stripes, First World Hotel is a place that’s hard to miss."

So if one is tired of the Western World and were to visit the First World, one would be greeted with a massive 3-star hotel made up of three large towers and some 7,351 rooms. It is located not very far away from the capital city, Kuala Lumpur, and is one of the countries major attractions.

  • Number of Rooms: 7,351 Rooms
  • Type: 3-Star Hotel
  • Status: Largest Hotel In The World According To The Guinness World Records

It has officially (by the Guinness World Records) been the largest since 2015 when a major expansion was completed. It even held the world record before that from 2006 when it had 6,118 rooms in 2 towers. But then The Palazzo with its The Venetian in Las Vegas took the mantle to become the world's largest hotel in 2008.

  • Largest Hotel: 2006-2008 First Time
  • Largest Hotel: 2015-Present Second Time

Still one should still go to the Strip in Vegas. While Vegas may no longer have the largest casino/hotel in the world, it still has an unbeatable concentration of mega-casinos/hotels creating the Vegas everyone loves (or hates).

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The First World Hotel Is Much More Than Just A Hotel

As one would expect of a hotel the size of a town, there is much more to it than just rooms for beddy-byes. The hotel connects to the brand new shopping mall - SkyAvenue. The mall has the Awana Skyway station that in turn links to the Genting Highlands Premium Outlets.

  • Shopping Mall: The Hotel Connect To take SkyAvenue Shopping Mall

It is part of Resorts World Genting and is Malaysia's premier integrated resort destination. Overall there are 10,500 rooms across seven distinct hotels.

The plaza of the First World is a large shopping center located just one floor above the lobby level of the hotel. It houses a casino, retail, and dining outlets as well as many other things like an Indoor Theme Park, Snow World, Big Top Video Games Park, and more. All this is not to mention a golf course, tennis courts, a cinema, and gyms.

  • Lobby: Jungle-Themed Lobby
  • Includes: Retail Shopping, Casinos, Bars, Cafes, Theme Parks, and Attractions
  • Tip: Try out Asia's First Free-Fall Simulator There
  • Statue of Liberty: Like There Is A Statue of Liberty Replica in Vegas, there Is one Here too

The First World Hotel has been called the Las Vegas of Asia. But whereas Las Vegas is in the dry heat of the Mojave Desert, the First World is located near the Titiwangsa Mountains near the lush tropical rainforest.

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They claim to have an (understandably) wide selection of rooms that are destined to suit every budget. One can see their rooms and availability on their website, they often discount for Members and as at the time of writing were also offering steep discounts of around 70%.

Some of the types of rooms they have one offer are:

  • Standard Room: Approx. 180 sq ft space
  • Deluxe Room: Approx. 180 sq ft space
  • Superior Deluxe: Approx. 320 sq ft space
  • Triple Room: Approx. 180 sq ft space for three people
  • World Club 2: Approx. 430 sq ft room with living space
  • Y5 Deluxe: Approx. 170 sq ft space

A Deluxe room's standard price is around 439.00 MYR ($102) for the room only, but there are offers as low as 123.00 MYR ($30) (and even 110.00 MYR ($26) at the member rate).

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Note: The Hotel is Open to Fully Vaccinated Individuals Only

Malaysia is an incredibly diverse country with plenty to see. On its part of the massive island of Borneo, one can see Orangutans and some of the best of the Indonesian/Mayalasia jungles. The beaches on the Malaya Peninsula are idyllic, and there are plenty of outdoor wonders.

And now one can add Malaysia to the bucket list for seeing the world's largest casinos and integrated resorts.


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