Las Vegas will soon be home to an $850 million hotel that doesn't sound like it should be in Sin City.

Per Fox Business, the five-star hotel which will be called The Majestic and its guests won't be allowed to smoke or gamble, two of the things more commonly done in Vegas.

The location will keep the focus on health and wellness and, as such, will present a 70,000 square foot fitness center instead of casinos and cigar lounges. So if you literally want to spoil yourself rotten, it's not where you'd want to jet off to. If you're looking to enjoy a nice, healthy holiday in Vegas, however, then it could be your pick.


Said fitness center will be spread across four floors with a medical spa offering exercise classes and body treatments, as well as access to nutritionists and doctors. And it should do well to improve on what's currently a place with limited options for health-conscious residents and visitors.

“There’s a lot of very healthy people in Vegas. It’s not just the casinos and the smoke and all of that," developer Lorenzo Doumani told Fox Business.

America seems to be erring on the wellness side nowadays and travelers conscious of their wellness are looking for avenues to take a load off while still sticking to their healthy lifestyles.

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Doumani wants to offer "a one-stop-shop for people to get their health examined," plus personalized plans that could help curb health-related problems later on in life.

Reports indicate that the hotel will be completed by 2023, with the developers targeting persons from Fortune 500 companies who attend conventions. It will be located around the corner from the new convention center currently being built.

So while this seems like it will be very different from your regular Vegas excursion, it could probably save you complications in the long run. Of course, most folks who travel into Sin City know exactly what they're going for - the gambling and the fun. The Majestic, though, will look to provide accommodation for those who visit for conferences, conventions and other similar activities.

In any case, having multiple options is always great, even if you don't care for a salad.