Have you heard about the super pricey hotel suite at the Palms Casino Resort in Las Vegas? While we're used to hearing about hotel rooms that cost several thousand dollars, we might have never heard of a hotel suite costing $100,000 for one night.

It's always fun to see photos and learn about a fancy hotel room, and this one does offer some interesting things that you don't see every day. We're still wondering, though, if this hotel suite is worth the $100,000 price tag?


The answer is probably no, and here are a few reasons why.

It's Way More Space Than You Would Ever Need

Let's say that you could definitely afford to pay $100,000 to stay in this Las Vegas hotel suite for one night. The $100,000 question is, would you?

According to Travel and Leisure, it's 9,000 square feet. That's way more space than you would ever need, especially for a hotel room that you were only staying in for a single night. Even if you spent hours here, it's hard to imagine that you would actually get your money's worth. USA Today says that this suite has two floors, which doesn't seem super necessary, either.

Perhaps this suite would be worth it if it was located in a super boring place or in the middle of nowhere with nothing to do and no resources or amenities. But that's not the case at all. This suite is in Las Vegas, one of the most thrilling cities in the world. Do you really want to sit in a hotel room in Vegas all night long? No, definitely not... so for this reason, it's not worth the price tag. And since it costs $200,000 for two evenings, that might be just way too much.

You're Paying For Artwork (And The Room Name Is A Poetic Metaphor)

Another reason that this hotel suite isn't worth the money is that you're basically paying for the room name, which is a poetic and creative metaphor. Bentel & Bentel designed the suite with the artist Damien Hirst.

Travel and Leisure says that Hirst's artwork is here, from "a series of ten butterfly motifs" and "Winner/Loser" with "two bull sharks suspended in formaldehyde." There is also a pool in the shape of a butterfly. USA Today also mentions Hirst has artwork here called "Medical Waste" that is a bar with "180 pounds of discarded medical items: rubber gloves, cotton-tipped applicators and even wooden tongue depressors." There are also pills and diamonds. While it's fascinating and cool to see how an artist's mind works and what they can create, is this really something that you want to see in a hotel room? Wouldn't you want to go to an art gallery to see it up close?

The name is The Empathy Suite and USA Today quoted Hirst who said, "Empathy because I want you to feel empathy when you’re in it, empathy with all your friends wherever they are and whether you’re with them or not and to feel empathy when you’re spending the night with them in the suite and empathy with the whole world the morning after.” Is the metaphor behind the name why you're paying so much money? Sure, it's definitely an interesting concept to think about, but it might not justify why you would be paying so much.

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The Extras In The Suite Are Unnecessary

Finally, another reason why this suite isn't worth the $100,000 price tag is that the extras here aren't super necessary. According to Travel and Leisure, the suite has an outside space with a terrace, a gym, and rooms for massages.

While you might not have a private massage area in most hotel rooms or suites, is that really necessary? If you wanted that, couldn't you book a massage through most hotels (at least ones that have spas), or you could go to a spa yourself? Most hotels also have pools, outdoor spaces, and gyms. Sure, you could argue that you get privacy for the hefty price tag... but most of us aren't used to that level of privacy anyway. It also seems like other expensive hotel suites do offer these types of extras or amenities. A pool, gym, and outdoor seating area might not justify the price.

Even if you had $100,000 to spare on a night's stay at a hotel, this might not be the best way to spend it. While it would be cool to see it firsthand, especially if a friend was footing the bill so we could check it out, the price tag might still be way too high to actually book this suite.

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