The 10 Worst Problems You Can Run Into In A Hotel (& How To Solve Them)

When you're going on vacation (or to visit family, or even on a business trip), hotels are supposed to be relaxing. On hotel websites and promotional material, you'll see establishments try hard to promote themselves as a stress-free place to stay.

Of course, this isn't always the case. Bookings rely on technology, which isn't always fool-proof. They also have to account for human error when it comes to setting everything up. Hopefully, you won't run into any problems during your next hotel stay but if you do — these are the most common problems, as well as how you solve them.

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10 They Can't Find Your Reservation

There have been times that people have shown up at their hotel only to be told by the staff that their reservation can't be found, which is the last thing anyone wants to hear after a long trip. To try and minimize issues when this happens, make sure you print your booking confirmation. That way you have proof, and can get a room booked at the price you paid if all else fails and they truly can't find it.

This is most common also when hotels are booked through third parties. If possible and unless there's a significant price difference, try to book through the hotel's website. It avoids communication failures and, even worse, scams.

9 Extra Charges On The Bill

Sometimes when checking out, there are charges on the bill you didn't anticipate. If it's for calls that you didn't realize weren't free, talk to the staff and try to get them removed. They can usually be waived in good will unless they're high.

Also, be careful not to touch the snacks in the room. Even moving them from their place can trigger an automatic charge, and it doesn't matter if you put them back. They're also super expensive. We're talking $6 for a can of coke.

8 Noisy Neighbours

Often, you just want a quiet night and get placed next to the party animals.

No one wants to spoil anyone's fun but if it's 3am and they're yelling and raving, it's completely fine to call down to the front desk with a noise complaint. All that'll happen is that your inconsiderate neighbours will be asked to keep it down by security. If they're reasonable, they should have no problem with this.

7 An Unclean Room

Sometimes, especially in budget hotels, the room just isn't clean.

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No one loves confrontation, but please do say something! They'll clean your room right away or, if it's going to take a while, they'll happily move your room. At least, they should. This is a very fixable problem and there's absolutely zero sense in suffering in silence.

6 No Amenities Close By

This can be a problem that sometimes people don't realize until they get to the hotel.

If you need amenities close by, research, research, research! Google map a hotel before you book and see what's close. Or if it's too late and you're already at your hotel, go to a grocery store and stock up on stuff for your room so you don't have to travel miles just for food. It's always best to check what's around your hotel before you book, though.

5 Expensive Room Service

Similarly, it's unwise to rely on room service for meals, especially not three meals a day. A simple cheese pizza can be upwards of $25, especially at the more expensive hotels, so even if your hotel says there's room service 24 hours a day, it might cost a whack.

As well as this, 24 hour a day room service can often randomly close during the night, or they can run out of food, so it's not just that it's expensive. In general, it should really only be used when in dire need of food and unable to leave the hotel.

Unless it's a business expense, of course...

4 Far Away From Destinations You Want To Visit

If your hotel is far away from the places you want to visit, they may have shuttles, especially to the airport. The best solution to this (aside from research beforehand and planning your trip) is to ask the concierge or front desk. They'll usually be knowledge about the surrounding area and best ways to get around whether there are shuttles, taxis, or a rental car place close by.

3 Unfriendly Staff

Unfortunately, there's not much you can do about unfriendly staff in the moment, but you can contact corporate. Don't do this if someone was simply having a bad day — you might jeapordize their job over nothing, which is mean, to say the least. But if the staff were downright hostile or catty, recommending further training might be beneficial and you might get a discount off your next stay.

2 Not Enough Sleeping Space

Sometimes, you'll book a room for the whole family and there will be four spaces for sleeping when you promised five. Or you'll have a double bed when promised two twins, and you're staying with someone where it's not possible to share a bed.

Often, hotels can either switch the room if they promised more sleeping space or they can provide a rollaway bed. Not the most comfortable or stylish, but it'll work if it's a quick trip, so don't think you're out of luck when you see that the sleeping situation isn't exactly what you were expecting.

1 Not How It Was Pictured

And then there's the ultimate problem that you can't really do anything about in the moment: the hotel just isn't how it was pictured.

If you don't want to move hotels (and it might be worth seeing if you can), all you can do is research beforehand. It's a rookie mistake to rely on the pictures of the hotel on their official website, because they're trying to look their best. Check out reviews on neutral websites, even the one-star ones, and make sure their advertising is accurate.

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