There are a lot of poor hotels out there, but we’d be willing to bet that there are even more poor hotel guests. And unfortunately, you can’t review guests the way you can review hotels to warn others in advance!

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It’s not too difficult to be a good hotel guest, but there are a lot of travelers who still can’t seem to get it right. While you are entitled to the best possible experience during your stay at a hotel, it’s also important to remember that other guests are staying at the hotel too.

Check out these 10 things people should do in hotels to be good guests.

10 Try Not To Make Unnecessary Noise

To be a good guest at a hotel, you should always remember that you will never be the only one staying there. It’s always important to be considerate of other guests, and this often means making as little noise as possible.

There will definitely be situations where you can’t control the noise that you make. For example, if you have a screaming baby, there’s not always a lot you can do about it. But there are noises that you can control, like blasting music or shouting, for example.

9 Be Polite To The Staff

If you want to be a good hotel guest, then being polite to the staff who work there is crucial. Talking down to hotel staff says more about the guest than it does about them—you don’t want to be that person.

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It can be really frustrating if the hotel makes a mistake but think twice before taking out your frustrations on the staff. If you do have a complaint, be as polite about it as you can. You might find that your problem is resolved much more quickly if you are still polite and respectful.

8 Always Fill Out The Survey After Your Stay

Most hotels will email you with a quick survey to complete after your stay. It’s important to fill these out because you will be helping future guests in the long run. If something wasn’t to your liking, the survey is the place to say it. By offering this information, you’re giving the hotel a chance to improve in areas that need attention.

Sometimes, there might even be a reward for filling out the survey. You might find that you’re in the running to win a free future stay at the hotel for giving feedback.

7 Respect The Hotel Property

Although the property at a hotel doesn’t belong to you, you should treat it as if it does. This means always respecting and being careful with the hotel property. The worst guests are those who trash hotel furniture and appliances on purpose or are just careless with it.

Often, there are penalties for this kind of behavior. You might lose your bond, have to pay a fine, or even face other charges if you do enough damage to a hotel room. But even if there weren’t, it’s still incredibly disrespectful to damage property that doesn’t belong to you.

6 Hang Up Towels You Don't Need Replaced

Sure, a hotel will have enough clean towels to bring you an abundance of them every day. But that doesn’t mean it’s not wasteful. If you’re always asking for new towels by leaving your towels on the floor, you’re creating unnecessary work for the staff and are indirectly wasting the resources it takes to wash the towels and get them up to you.

Instead, if you don’t need new towels, remember to hang them up so housekeeping knows you don’t need them replaced. It will also make your bathroom feel a lot less cluttered!

5 Avoid Pocketing Too Much Food From Breakfast

We’ve all done it. When you’re faced with such overflowing displays of delicious food, it’s very difficult to resist taking a few extra bread rolls or croissants and putting them in your bag for later. The only issue with this is that if you take too much, it could mean there’s not enough for the other hotel guests. Of course, this will depend on the size of the hotel and the breakfast on offer.

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It’s fine to take one or two things for the road, but don’t be the person who leaves breakfast with a bundle of food in their arms.

4 Make It Easy For The Housekeeper To Do Their Job

A good hotel guest will always make it as easy as possible for the housekeeper to do their job. This means not leaving clothes sprawled out all over the bed so that it’s difficult for them to make the bed, or even leaving your belongings all over the floor so the room is hard to walk through.

If you don’t require your room to be cleaned, remember to put up the Do Not Disturb sign. Keep in mind that this is also a great theft deterrent, as those outside will think that you are in the room at all times.

3 Check In And Out On Time

Some hotels allow early check in and late check out. Due to the nature of travel, sometimes you can’t help needed to stretch out the times given by the hotel. But always be sure to ring ahead and let them know that you’re going to be early or late. It will just enable them to plan the running of the hotel better.

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In some cases, you could face extra fees for failing to meet the specified times, so it’s always a good idea to let the hotel know where you’re placed.

2 Tip Where Appropriate

This varies from country to country, but generally, there are certain staff members of a hotel that you should tip. Unless you’re in a destination where tipping is uncommon, it will be greatly appreciated if you tip for the services of the hotel staff. This includes the cleaning staff, the doorman, and the parking valet.

It’s also customary in some countries to tip the concierge at the end of a hotel stay as well as restaurant servers. You can tip wait staff by leaving cash on the table or with the credit card bill.

1 Respect Elevator Etiquette

A lot of people forget all about elevator etiquette when staying at a hotel. Before getting on an elevator, it is always polite (and common sense) to wait for those inside to get out first. Rushing to get on will always leave a bad impression.

Similarly, if there are too many people already on the elevator, it’s a good idea to wait for the next one rather than squeezing on. This will only make everybody inside even more uncomfortable than necessary, even if it is only a short ride.

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