is one of the leading booking companies for backpackers all around the world. While some booking sites like lists almost every type of accommodation including place wanting to call themselves a "hostel" (but really aren't), Hostelworld is much more selective. One can be sure that the hostels and accommodations listed on Hostelworld are backpacker-friendly and verified.

Hostelworld is seeking to be more than just a hostel-listing site and is seeking to find other ways to foster the travel and backpacking spirit around the world. Hostels are much more than just cheap accommodation. They are also social environments and ideal for those looking for a social life while traveling. There are many reasons to choose a hostel over an Airbnb.


Hostelworld's New Solo Traveler Update

Many people want to travel and some want to travel solo. Many would rather travel with a friend, the cruel reality is that one can travel solo or not at all (in other words one can be left waiting indefinitely for one's friends to be ready). Hostelworld is releasing a new app for solo traveling to make solo travelers' lives easier and more enjoyable.

Many assume that solo travel is lonely, but that is far from the truth. More often than not people traveling solo (and staying in hostels) are "peopled out".

To get the new Hostelworld solo travel app, all one needs to do is update the existing Hostelworld app. The app is designed so that solo travelers can embark on an adventure in the confidence of a memorable social life awaiting them.

Hostelworld is calling their new app "The Solo System". Being a hostel specialist company they have a good deal of experience with backpackers, and they know that over half of their customers are solo travelers.

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Solo Travelers Want To Socialize

Hostelworld has sort feedback from the many thousands of travelers who have booked through them, and they have learned all the main reasons why backpackers choose to book with them and why they stay in hostels in the first place. The reason is predictably to meet other travelers.

  • Nervous: 72% of Travelers Feel Nervous Before Their Trip
  • Dread: 30% of Travelers Feel Dread Introducing Themselves to Others

They have also seen travelers on their community platform looking for travelers looking to get in touch with other travelers. One can even look into their research into how solo travelers are looking to fill the basic human need for connection and belonging. They have compiled a report: The Solo System: A Solo Traveller’s Guide to the Galaxy

The report features interviews with legendary travelers and insights from solo travelers.

The idea is that solo travelers will have a better idea over knowing who's heading to one's travel destination and the opportunity to connect before arriving there.


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New Functions of The Updated App

The updated app has a new function "See Whos Going." One will be able to see how many travelers are visiting cities and staying in hostels on one's selected dates. The purpose is to answer the question ‘I want to meet other travelers, where should I book?’

New Features:

  • See Who's Going
  • Upgraded Profiles
  • A Chat Function
  • Linkups

It doesn't stop at seeing who's going, one will also be able to see the traveler's upgraded profile (one will see their profile photos and destinations visited). After booking one will be able to scroll through other travelers’ profiles (who are heading to the same destination).

  • Profile: One Will Be Able To Great A Greater Profile On Hostelworld and See Other's Profiles

Travelers will be able to start chatting with other travelers that have booked into the same hostel (and city). This means that Solo travelers will have the confidence of already knowing people before they check-in accommodation. One can meet one's roommates online first so that there won't be any awkward introductions or uncertainties after one gets to one's destination. Imagine solo traveling and already having ready-made friends before checking in!

The last part of Hostelworld's new app is Linkups. For this one may have to wait for an upcoming update to the Hostelworld app. With this upcoming feature, one can link up with other travelers by sharing one's plans to head to someplace - whether it be historic ruins, a bar, live music, or whatever.

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