Antalya is one of Turkey's most sought-after coastal cities and is an immensely popular tourist destination - especially for Russians. It is located on the southern coast of Turkey bordered by the Taurus Mountains and boasts an ancient history. Here one is living in a modern city where ancient Roman ruins arise all around.

After Turkey, consider adding the stunning country of Georgia to one's trip. Georgia also boasts some top hostel picks for any backpackers in this welcoming mountainous country. Turkey is truly a must for any backpacker, if one has never been there before then read up on all one's FAQs about visiting Turkey.


Why Antalya Is A Unique Backpacking Destination

Antalya was once part of the ancient kingdom of Pergamon but became part of the Roman Empire. During the time of Roman rule, the city thrived and the city boomed with many new constructions. Many of the Roman ruins survive today.

  • Turkey: Filled With Ancient Greek, Roman, and Even Prehistoric Ruins

Antalya is a city where the old city has remained continuously occupied to this day. This means that the old Roman ruins are not somewhere outside of the city, but rather in amongst it. Here one will see the new meet the ancient. The Roman city walls remain formidable while the Gate of Hadrian (the famous Emperor) is miraculously preserved.

  • Roman Ruins: All Though and Incorporated Into The Modern Old City

Here one can enjoy a coffee in a restaurant on the ancient Roman city walls overlooking the Meditteranean and even go to the restroom within those ancient defensive walls (imagine that!).

Go to electric nightclubs that are also incorporating ancient Roman ruins. The ancient Roman ruins in this city alone can put any Roman ruins in Britain to shame.

As a backpacker, one of the best ways to really enjoy this stunning destination is in the hostels in the old city. The hostels are perfectly placed within a short walk from anywhere in the old city. As the hostels are in historic buildings in the inner part of the city, there is often little space inside them, but the closeness just adds to the cozy and welcoming hostel vibe.

  • Hostel Vibe: Antalya's Hostels Have A Particularly Homely Hostel Vibe

The hostels in Antalya also generally have gardens and rooftops to chill in, socialize, and enjoy a cold beer. This all makes Antalya an excellent destination for solo travelers.

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Hostel Vague - Top Marks For The Hostel Vibe

One of the top-rated hostels in Antalya is Hostel Vague. It is a rustic hostel with a very friendly vibe and party atmosphere. They are dedicated to being environmentally friendly and seek to recycle all of the waste (not common for Turkey).

Here one will feel at home and that everyone is family. They have a number of dorm options as well as some private rooms with shared bathroom facilities. The point of staying here is not comfort or luxury, but the vibe and the electric group of travelers that it attracts from everywhere around the world.

They don't offer breakfast but there is a shared kitchen and many of the guests will choose to cook together. That being said there is complimentary coffee, tea, and toast.

Alternatively, as one is in the heart of Antalya - go and enjoy a delicious Meditterean break. Everything is affordable in Turkey and a large breakfast with more than one can eat shouldn't cost more than $5.

  • Check-In: 12.00 to 00.00
  • Check-Out: Before 11.00
  • Rating: 9.5 On

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Flaneur Hostel - The New Boutique Hostel

Flaneur Hostel is a new hostel that was only opened in the unlikely and trying times of the pandemic. It has only been running for a year and it has been an instant success. It is also housed in an old-city building that has recently been renovated.

They have a great garden area outside to chill in as well as an upper outdoor common area. Flaneur Hostel has transformed its old buildings into a boutique hostel and is only 5 minutes walking distance from the old town fortress walls.

They are looking to provide tours in the future as the hostel grows and they offer bicycles for rent for 6 Euros ($7) a day.

They have private rooms complete with a cozy double bed and a private bathroom or their dormitories with shared facilities. The dorms have large bunk beds and the hostel also has a stunning vibe to get the most out of one's backpacking stay in Antalya.

  • Tip: Hostel Flaneur Can Offer Cheaper SIM Cards Than Those At the Airport
  • Check In: From 2.00 pm to 10 pm (Message Them If Arriving Later)
  • Check Out: Before 12.00
  • Rating: 9.5 On

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