Hong Kong, a former British colony in southeastern China, has been attracting visitors for decades with its diverse culture, cuisine, and vast horizon of skyscrapers. Recognized for its rich history and numerous shopping districts, this lively city offers tourists a unique experience of both Chinese and British traditions. While the city may be distinguished for its towering buildings, 40 per cent of Hong Kong is covered in nature reserves, and can be explored throughout various outdoor attractions. Whether that is done by riding the Star Ferry along the Victoria Harbour or by touring the Temple Street Night Market in central Kowloon, the charm of this vibrant island can be felt within every inch of its former, ungoverned walls. Here are some suggestions on how to spend 48 hours in Hong Kong, China:


Take in the Views at Sevva

With great skyscrapers, come great rooftop patios - and Sevva happens to be one of the best. Located in Prince’s Building, a shopping centre located along the western side of Statue Square, this luxury bar and restaurant offers visitors a view from almost every section of the acclaimed venue. In the morning, one can enjoy the landscape of a 15-metre green vertical garden in the restaurant’s lounge, or experience delicious, authentic treats in their dessert corner - though when it comes to nighttime, one thing is for sure. With its panoramic views of the Victoria Harbour and the city, check out the bustling terrace on the top floor. Contemporary, luxury, and elegantly chic, it serves as the ultimate observation deck to view fireworks displays and the ‘Symphony of Lights’ laser show, a nightly electric spectacle.

Visit the Sik Sik Yuen Wong Sin Temple

Both a recommended shrine and tourist attraction, the Sik Sik Yuen Wong Sin temple is one of the many stellar architecture structures in the city. Serving as both a historic and religious destination, it was built as a dedication to Wong Tai Sin, also known as the “Great Immortal Wong", in the 1900s. Currently, this bustling venue is an explosion of colourful pillars, roofs, and history. Adding to Hong Kong’s representation of beautiful scenic views, behind the main temple is the Good Wish Gardens, along with pavilions, bridges, waterfalls and carp ponds. A beautiful and mesmerizing spectacle, this temple also has the potential to bring visitors good fortune. It has been believed that, via the practice of Kau Cim, whatever you wish upon entrance will come true.

Hitch a Ride with the Aqua Luna

Decorated with defining red sails and an entertaining deck, Aqua Luna - also known as the Cheung Po Tsai - is a pleasure cruise that operates along the Victoria Harbour. Competing with the Star Ferry as the ultimate boat tour in Hong Kong, the Aqua Luna offers a unique experience on the harbour that one may not be able to find on the others. Launched in January 2006, this Chinese Junk operation provides amazing views in an 80 passenger accustomed vessel. While the Hong Kong island is the main destination for tourists, there are 263 other islands within the region that can be reached by boat tours. Tourists can choose from some of the following boat tours Aqua Luna offers: the evening harbour cruise, symphony of lights dinner and cruise tour, the Lamma Island tour, and various other operations. Each tour can be further viewed on their official website and can also be reserved online.

High Tea at The Lobby Lounge in the InterContinental Hotel

While high tea may not be on the radar for those visiting Hong Kong, they will be surprised to know that the city offers some of the best destinations to experience it. Inspired by the remaining influence of British culture, high tea is served in so multiple hotels as a delicacy, and this delicacy is even more delicious at the Lobby Lounge. Surrounded by partially-glass views and a stunning interior, the Lobby Lounge in the Intercontinental Hotel is a memorable fine dining experience. Featured with romantic vibes and live music, this partially glass-encased restaurant provides some of the best views of the Victoria Harbour and the "A Symphony of Lights."

Set in a breathtaking background of natural landscapes and diverse culture, Hong Kong is one of the more diverse tourist destinations within Southeastern Asia. Known as shoppers’ paradise and recognized for its iconic skyline, this lively city is a fusion of many cultures that delightfully influences its British and Chinese culture. Whether a trip here is spent exploring the Victoria Peak or visiting its version of Disneyland, expect it to be an adventure like no other.