Known as God's Own Country, Kerala is a state in India that overlooks the Malabar Coast and is situated between Karnataka and Tamil Nadu. This southern Indian state is known for its lush greenery, the extensive network of waterways, and the numerous wildlife sanctuaries across the landscape. Nature enthusiasts will love visiting Kerala for its breathtaking views and connection to nature. However, newlyweds and couples will especially love the beauty that Kerala offers; it's a perfect destination to spend time together!

Many destinations in God's Own Country present peaceful vibes far from the bustling city life. From the majesty of Munnar to the backwaters of Alappuzha, travelers can really feel the romance in Kerala while traveling with their beloved.

While most couples enjoy a honeymoon in Tahiti or bask in a romantic dinner in Maldive's underwater restaurant, other newlyweds can take a romantic vacation in Kerala. Here are some reasons why Kerala is an excellent destination for honeymooners that'll have newly wedded couples packing their bags ASAP!

8 Visit Alappuzha, The "Venice Of The East"

Boating along Kerala's backwaters, which includes their lagoons, lakes, and canals, are an incredibly popular tourist attraction, especially in Alappuzha, which is known as the "Venice of the East". Otherwise, couples can embark on a quiet cruise or boat ride, exploring Kerala's gems like the uninhabited island of Ponnumthuruthu Island or Kollam. While on water, newlyweds can enjoy some quality time together while basking in the beautiful sights of Kerala.

7 Tour Munnar, The Best Destination For Romance!

In 2017, Munnar was recognized as India's "Best Destination for Romance" by Lonely Planet. Couples can find the romance brewing at Munnar, especially if they are lucky enough to see millions of Neelakurinji flowers blooming on the hills of Munnar's national parks (they only bloom every 12 years)!

6 Kerala Is Waterfalls Galore!

Kerala is home to majestic waterfalls, which may even rival the mighty waterfalls of Europe (or even the Victoria Falls, the world's largest waterfall). Couples can venture to Kerala to picnic at the Athirappilly and Vazhachal Waterfalls in Thrissur or explore the unscathed beauty of Chethalayam Falls in Wayanad. These waterfalls are also popular sites for hiking and some water activities.

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5 Rent A Cozy Cottage In Thekkady

Thekkady is home to the largest wildlife sanctuary in India, so visitors may be lucky enough to spot Asian elephants, leopards, boars, and lion-tailed monkeys. In addition, nature enthusiasts can enjoy a luxurious stay at Cardamom County, which is Kerala's first 4-star resort! Meanwhile, coffee lovers can book a stay at Coffee Toutes to relax in their Coffee Bungalow or Coffee Bean Club House. This coffee-themed resort is situated within a lush forest they call the 'Star Forest.'

4 Relax At Kovalam's Palm Beaches

Looking for a beautiful beach day in India? Many people look to Kerala's Kovalam beach for a good time. Tourists recognize Kovalam for its 3 crescent beaches: the Light House, Samudra, and Hawa Beaches. The calm waters and wistful ocean breeze make it a primo spot for sunbathing and swimming for couples. Visitors can even enjoy a peaceful yoga session when staying at Kovalam Beach.

3 Smell The Sandalwood Trees at Marayoor

Close to Tamil Nadu and some ways away from Munnar lies the Marayoor village, the only place in Kerala that grows sandalwood trees. While the local sandalwood forest has faced threats of endangerment and deforestation in recent years, visitors can still smell sandalwood around the area! Aside from being surrounded by lush vegetation, sugar cane fields, and rice paddies, Marayoor is also home to caves and rocks that date over 10,000 BC. Couples can just simply relax by taking in the gorgeous and peaceful views at Marayoor!

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2 At Marari Beach, Watch A Romantic Sunset

Located in Kerala's Alappuzha District, Marari Beach is famous amongst local fishers. While relaxing at the beach, tourists may even see fishers in the waters. Visitors looking for a bit of luxury can stay at several resorts near Marari Beach, such as the Marari Beach Resort or the Mayas Beach House. After enjoying a candlelight dinner, newlyweds can feel the romance on the beach, watching the sun go down the ocean's horizon.

1 Kerala Specializes in Honeymoon Packages, Fit For All Budgets!

Kerala locals are proud of the natural beauty, lush vegetation, and abundant wildlife that roams this state. In addition, Kerala is blessed with gorgeous views of the Malabar Coast and an extensive network of peacefully flowing backwaters, making it a stunning honeymoon destination. Locals know this, so that's why Kerala offers several honeymoon packages available for couples.

Tourists can pick a package based on the number of days (and budget) they'd like to stay in Kerala. These honeymoon packages offer stays as little as 3 days or long as 10 days. Each package includes room, board, and tours around popular sites in Kerala; go boat riding on the Munnar's Kundala Lake, then visit a paddy field in Thekkady. These packages even include thoughtful accommodations like a flower bed in Munnar, a lovely candlelight dinner at a boathouse, and a 'honeymoon cake'! However, be sure to ask for these free honeymoon amenities to ensure these perks are included.

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