Human faces on the surface of Mars' rocks, Bigfoot in The Pacific Northwest (that's where one ought to go Squatching), Loch Ness Monster in Scotland, and mass mind control with the 5G network, humans enjoy the fantastic and sensational. The Pag Triangle is a mysterious triangle in Croatia that is obviously (sic) a UFO landing site. The UFO landing heated the rocks to extreme temperatures, that or its the Holy Trinity did it, or it's a relic of a bygone civilization.


Strangely the rocks of the Pag Triangle differ from the surrounding area in that the rocks inside the triangle are of a different structure than those outsides of it. The state of the rocks is unique to the Pag Triangle rocks and is not found in the surrounding rocks around the triangle.

Why Is The Pag Triangle So Strange?

The rocks inside the triangle are smaller, brighter, and they have a different structure to those surrounding them. It seems that they were exposed to intense heat in the past as they red phosphorescence when exposed to ultraviolet light.

  • One Side: Approx. 105 Feet or 32 Meters Long
  • Two Sides: Approx. 72 Feet or 22 Meters Long
  • Discovered: 1999
  • Status: Protected
  • Consequence: Unlike Hollywood Movies, It Seems Aliens Don't Only Visit The United States

The Pag Triangle has become a major local tourist destination since it was discovered in 1999. It is now a protected area of the town of Novalja. The site was brought to instant fame and unfortunately various visitors out of superstitious beliefs, beliefs in the stones' healing powers, or whatever removed a lot of the rocks. Now the site is partially barren. In response, the government has protected it since 2000.

One of the strangest things is that there are 30-centimeter holes at each side of the triangle, and no one knows why. Adding to the mystery of the triangle one of the angles points to the star Sirius.

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What Really Happened

It is evidence that UFOs landed in Croatia and not Roswell, New Mexico. Still visit Roswell, dine in their alien-themed restaurants, and learn all about the government UFO coverup in their museums.

Another likelihood is that despite the area's UFO sightings over the late 20th century, it is not alien at all. But rather a sign of the Holy Trinity (Croatia is a Catholic nation). This belief is because the Catholic priest Zlatko Sudac received stigmata while discussing the triangle.

Some others think it is the result of some highly-evolved civilization (that left no other mark for some reason).

  • Accessibility: Since 2009 A Road Was Built Connecting It To The Village Of Caska So People Can Easily Visit
  • Visitors: Tourists, Media, Ufologists
  • Juicy Explanations: UFOs Landing, The Holy Trinity, or Highly-Evolved Extinct Civilizations

If readers don't want to read about the thoughts of boring geologists, move on to the next article (obviously it was aliens - one needs to check if Croatian aliens are gray or green though).

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Boring Scientific Explanations

Actually, this section is the shortest because no one knows. There is sure to be a perfectly reasonable explanation if scientists would actually take the time to study it.

  • Fun Fact And Idea: Randy From South Park Is A Geologist - Ask Him
  • Supposed Age: 12,000 Years

Geologists assume that the triangle is 12,000 years old and could be an ancient place of worship. But it could also be a natural phenomenon. Croatia is famous for its strange formations. Some think it could be the odd result of just plain old boring wind, salt, and rain.

Visiting Pag Island

The Pag Triangle is on Pag Island and is Croatia's fifth-largest island. It has a population of around 9 thousand and can be accessed by the Prizna–Žigljen ferry from the mainland. It is around 60 kilometers or 37 miles long and between 2 and 10 kilometers or 1.2 and 6.2 miles wide.

The two towns on the island are Pag and Novalja and they are home to numerous accommodation options. The island has an official tourism website for those interested in the tours, activities, and accommodation options on offer on the island.

One of the most popular tours on the island is boating tours around the island. The locals consider the picturesque coastline, the beautiful towns, and many water sports more interesting and do not consider the Pag triangle a big deal - it is not featured among the island's prominent attractions and there are no apparent tours listed on their website to it.

  • Pag Island Main Activities: Various Kinds of Water Sports

Some of the activities on the island include; sailing, diving, jet-boating, hiking, kayaking, jet-skiing, surfing, cycling, and parasailing. The main activities on this stunning Mediterranean island are various watersports.

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