For adventuring spirits who enjoy partaking in haunted delights, Charleston has a spooky walking tour sure to leave participants glancing over their shoulders. It will be hard to shake off this haunted experience, and that is certainly the point of the Pleasing Terrors Night-Time Walking Ghost Tour, a jaunt through Charleston that is sure to leave believers and skeptics alike with frayed nerves. Led by popular Charleston local Mike Brown, this informative, witty, and, ultimately, downright spooky tour offers an engaging way to learn the local history (and, perhaps, encounter a ghost or two).


Without further ado (or is that... Boo!), here are all the details on this delightfully deranged tour.

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A Walking Ghost Tour That Will Give You Goosebumps

When it comes to leading a walking ghost tour, Mike Brown is the perfect person for the role. As a Charleston native himself and host of the hugely popular Pleasing Terrors Podcast, Mike Brown makes this haunted tour enlightening of local history, and he does so with wit and a clear love of ghost stories. The tour is 90-minutes long and takes you to various local haunted Charleston sights. At $28 a ticket for the tour, it is reasonably priced for the 90 minutes it fills with fascinating local history. The tour is also wheelchair accessible. It makes several stops, each one promising to be just as eerie as the next.

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First Stop: The Ghost Of Poogan's Porch

A famed local restaurant with lots of charm and an odd name (it is, after all, named after a dog), Poogan's Porch was a magnificent Victorian home built in 1888, then transformed into a restaurant in 1976. As the legend goes, the previous homeowners left in such a fright they dashed out without taking their dog, Poogan. When the new owners bought the place intending to open a restaurant, they were surprised to find the furry friend living there. The friendly dog simply stuck around and became the unofficial host to diners looking for a meal. Long since passed away, Poogan is just one ghost that guests have seen while dining here. The other haunting comes from Zoe, a previous resident of the house and a spinster who suffered from madness. This first stop on tour is sure to set the tone for all the chills in the store.

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Next Up: The Charleston Library Society

Anyone who has seen Ghostbusters knows libraries can be very, very creepy. So it makes perfect sense that The Charleston Library Society would be a stop on this haunted tour, where participants will learn all about the history of the Henry Timrod Death Manuscript, or, as it's more commonly referred to, the Blood Book... It's about as unnerving as it sounds, but for those who enjoy morbid tales from history, this stop is sure to satisfy.

Third Stop: Philadelphia Alley

Are dark foreboding alleyways ever not scary? After this third stop on tour, the answer is bound to be a resounding no. This spot on the walking tour is "Bloody Alley" (Philadelphia Alley), where folks can learn all about the unsettling history of duels and untimely deaths that seemed to happen here with regular occurrence. Keep your eyes peeled--for this location is supposed to be populated with the ghosts of those who met their bloody demise long ago, forever haunting the alley after their lost duel.

Final Destination: St. Michael's Church

The last stop on the tour passes by St. Michael's Church in downtown Charleston. Named a National Historic Landmark, the church was built between 1752 and 1761--it is the oldest church in the city. There are many sightings of ghosts at St. Michael's Church. Folks will hear about the ghost of the church bells, who eerily ring them in the night. There is also the ghostly bride, a tragic tale of a young woman murdered on the eve of her wedding, who wanders the church where she was to be married. The beautiful church, steeped in so much history, is sure to leave tour guests with goosebumps.

Walk Amongst The Spirits Through The History Of Charleston

Charleston is a city rich in Southern charm and brimming with ghost tales. The Pleasing Terrors Night-Time Walking Ghost Tour is a fantastic, engaging way to spend an evening here learning about the hidden history of this storied city. Guests of the tour are sure to enjoy the way Charleston native Mike Brown leads folks through the city's past. As vibrant and as alive as the city of Charleston is, it is also, no doubt, very much a home for the spirits. Whether they met an untimely death or led a tragic life, there are many ghost tales to keep you up at night here in Charleston. So book this spooky walking tour, and you might just be walking alongside a ghost or two...