Want to take the perfect pics on your holiday to post on social media but you're traveling alone? This "Instagram Boyfriend" has you covered.

Are you really on holiday if you don't constantly take photos of what you're doing and post them on social media in real-time? Probably not. Some might consider it a sad state of affairs, but thanks to the ease of access to high-quality cameras today, we are eager to snap pics and shoot videos of everything we do.

The trouble is, and we're trying not to stereotype too much here, some of the people who are most prone to post their holiday snaps on Facebook and Instagram are those who are traveling alone. Students on gap years or people in their 20s exploring the world. The trouble is for those people, a selfie can only show off so much.


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If you're traveling alone and happen to be passing through Rome, there's an option on Airbnb right now that might be the answer to all your posed photo woes. An Instagram Boyfriend who you can hire for the afternoon. We promise you that this is not a joke. His name is Emanuele, and for $90, he will take you on a tour of Rome and snap photos for you to post on social media.

For those unfamiliar with the term Instagram Boyfriend, it is one that has been coined for people who use their partners to take the perfect photo of them. Unlike a regular boyfriend, that's where Emanuele's duties to you begin and end. The Airbnb fee will include a walking tour of Italy's capital, and since your temporary Insta bf has lived in Rome his whole life, he knows all the best places to take photos of you.

You might well be reading this and wondering who on Earth would use this service. Well, if you take a look at the reviews, a lot of people. Not just lone travelers either. It seems that couples often hire Emanuele to take photos of them too. Makes sense as that way they can both be in their holiday snaps. Plus, if you're still not convinced, Emanuele will also supply snacks and drinks.

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