With so many awesome qualities in common, it's no wonder the Himalayas and the Swiss Alps aren't the same places. Not only are they not the same place, but they're also nowhere near each other, which makes choosing between them for a place to visit especially challenging. Both places share epic mountain ranges, the tallest mountains in the world, amazing sights, and a marvelous cultural aesthetic.

However, these tourist's photos should make deciding a tad bit easier. Not only do these images show what both these dream destinations are like from a traveler's points of view, but they also give some insight into things each place that can go unnoticed. Things like the many glaciers of the Himalayas, the magical lakes in the Swiss Alps, and not to mention some of the most amazing train trips in the world. Not only do these images remind people that worthwhile trips are possible, but they also give a small glimpse into how to go about doing them. Ultimately though, there really isn't a bad decision when choosing between the two, as each place offers something unique to be explored.

10 The Himalayas Have Mt. Everest

For someone interested in crossing things off their bucket list, the Himalayas might be the way to go when selecting a trip. Not only is the Himalayas home to the tallest mountain in the world, Mt. Everest, but from the looks of this photo, Everest base camp seems totally reachable and pleasant. The trip would most likely require special gear, like warm clothes, and some hiking equipment, but the pictures alone would be worth it.

9 The Swiss Alps' Highest Peak Is Dufourspitze

The best thing about the Swiss Alps is a seemingly endless number of peaks that make up the European mountain range. People come from all over the world to hike, ski, and explore the Swiss Alps, which makes this trip not for the faint of heart. However, a traveler doesn't need to be an extreme adventurer to travel in the Alps, as there are trains, trams, and ski lifts.

8 The Swiss Alps Has The Real Matterhorn

When people stand in front of the real Matterhorn it can be a surreal experience. Not only is this gorgeous peak inspiration for the ride at Disneyland, but it also offers the perfect backdrop for incredible images. This spot is perfect climbers who want to brave the steep edges of the mountain for a chance to reach the top. However, for people less interested in climbing there are also cable cars as an option.

7 Both Are Epic For Skiing But The Alps Has More Ski Resorts

Both the Himalayas and the Swiss Alps offer incredible once in a lifetime skiing, but the Swiss Alps has more ski resorts, which offer luxury accommodations. These ski resorts will have more polished and maintained ski runs, and might be better for intermediate skiers, who just want to have a great time enjoying the snow with their friends and family. Skiing in the Himalayas would be better for advanced skiers, who don't fear extreme conditions.

6 The Himalayas Offer Meditation With A Blend Of Spiritual Cultures

For travelers looking to experience a rich blend of cultures, the Himalayas are the place to be. Not only is there a lovely blend of people from Tibetan and Hindu cultures, but they live together harmoniously. As a result of this, the food and culture have a unique blend of identity special to the place. Tourists can travel to the mountains but also find spirituality and meditation retreats.

5 The Swiss Alps Have Swiss Barley Soup

One of the best dishes to come out of Switzerland can be found in the Swiss Alps, and that's the world-famous Swiss Barley Soup. Not only is this soup made from the freshest of ingredients, but the soup is proudly made in the Swiss Alps along with Fondu, which is also one of the pride and joy dishes of the Swiss people. There are lots of great recipes for Swiss Barley Soup online, but nothing beats the authenticity found in the alps.

4 The Many Lakes Of The Swiss Alps Can't Be Beat

From the looks of this photo the Swiss Alps can look like a magical dream. In the Spring and Summer months, when the snow has melted, many lakes swell to reflect the skyline in their waters. Tourists come from all over the world to experience the lush green grass and lovely lakeside with locals, who encourage day picnics after a long day of hiking. Overall there are 1500 lakes in the Swiss Alps to choose from. Or people can spend their holidays visiting them all.

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3 The Himalayas Have An Impressive Amount Of Glacier Lakes

For people interested in seeing glaciers the place to be is the Himalayas. There are a whopping 56,000 glaciers in the Himalayas, which does bring some cause for concern when reading about how fast the glaciers are melting. Not only do people hike into the glaciers, but scientists and researchers travel to the county to measure the melt happening. This melt creates new lakes around the Himalayas, which seem to spring up out of nowhere.

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2 There Are More Tourist Trains That Travel Through The Swiss Alps

For people interested in taking scenic train rides, the Swiss Alps have one of the most impressive train systems in the world. Not only are there trains that travel through the mountains and snow, but people can ride first class in cars that provide food and water. With the view right outside the window, passengers can photograph or video the entire scenic view out of the window, without ever getting up out of their seat.

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1 The Trains Of The Himalayas Are Considered A World Heritage Site

The trains in the Himalayas are less for tourists and more used by locals. These trains not only travel through the famous steep mountain ranges into the small towns, but the trains are so old and have traveled the same historic route for so long, that they are considered a world heritage site. By being a world heritage site, they will be protected for many years to come. However, they should be enjoyed, just in case they ever stop running.

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