This is no surprise: Oregon is the most beautiful state in the United States. According to a subreddit group known as Earthporn, Oregon beats every other state in the United States for its outstanding natural beauty, a beauty that’s truly breathtaking in every sense of the word. And whereas the Multnomah Falls, the most visited natural recreation site in the Pacific Northwest—is one of the state’s highlights—the truth is, there’s more to Oregon than the Multnomah Falls.


Of course, there would be many things to do in such a state while feasting on some delectable marionberry pie or snacking on some crunchy hazelnuts, two of Oregon's iconic foods. And let’s all agree, with Oregon’s jaw-dropping scenery, a road trip is a must-do. Naturally, Beaver State is also a hiker’s paradise. In this article, we’ll focus on Samuel Boardman, one of Oregon’s most scenic hikes.

Here’s Why Samuel Boardman, Oregon Is A Hiker’s Dream

Those who’ve hiked in Samuel Boardman, Oregon—have only two regrets: The first is the lack of enough time to take in all the stunning views and sights that dot practically even inch on this mind-blowing stretch along the Oregon Coast. The second is the subsequent distraction that’ll ensue. It’s hard to keep moving with all the scenic natural panorama at every bend. There are high cliffs on this trail that’ll make hikers pause and gasp, as well as stunning rock formations that represent the best of nature’s artwork.

But that’s not all; some winding trails lead up to secluded beaches along the coast, including Secret Beach, a picturesque paradise on Oregon’s shoreline. Also, several coves of various sizes, headlands, tall stacks, and a number of natural arches adorn several spots on this magical landscape. Butt here’s one caveat: the Pacific Northwest is notorious for its fog. Therefore, to get the clearest views of Samuel Boardman, it’s wise to keep a tab on fogless days. Let’s now look at some of these trails.

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These Are The Best Trails To Hike In Samuel Boardman, Oregon

Hikers come in different levels of skill, fitness, and endurance. That’s the reason a one-size-fits-all recommendation would be so unrealistic. In addition, there are trails that are great for families— which would not be the best for individuals. Therefore, our recommendation for best trails takes this into account.

The following are the best trails we’ve carefully curated for travelers depending on their unique situation.

Scenic Samuel Boardman’s Trails That Are Easy To Hike

For those who want something light and fun, The Natural Bridges Viewpoint is a good recommendation. It’s short. Just about a kilometer, and therefore a breeze. Ten to fifteen minutes and one is done. How about the views? One can spot some arch rocks jutting out of the foamy sea as well as beautiful natural bridges in close vicinity.

Another easy route is Arch Rock Viewpoint which, at only 0.5 kilometers, is even shorter. For a brisk walk, about five minutes is all it’ll take for one to round it. The trail is mostly paved and leads out to views of the Arch Rock, a massive natural rock arch that thickly loops over the emerald waters of the Pacific.

For something longer, Lone Ranch To Cape Ferrelo Loop is a fine option. This loop is 2.6 kilometer-long—about 1.6 miles—and takes 40-50 minutes to cover. Though the trail is narrow, sometimes overgrown, it's lined with some beautiful wildflowers and opens out to fabulous views of the coast.

These Samuel Boardman’s Trails Are Picturesque But A Little Ardous

Short, easy trails have their hiking place. Perhaps someone just wants a quick dash—or brush with nature—because of time constraints. But the level of physical fitness usually also plays a role. Lastly, it could be that one wants to hike with family, including the little ones. Naturally, a short, easy trail will be preferable. Yet, at other times, we just want some exertion. Something that challenges us so that when we finally overcome it, we’ll hit our fists in the air. And that’s what Secret Beach Trail, the best according to, is all about.

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Lovely ferns line the 2.6-kilometer trail on either side. In many places, these are interspersed with dense, clumpy moss that is so green and calming. This trail is a bit steep and slippery in certain sections. The surrounding views, however, are flat-out gorgeous. For something similar, hiking the Natural Bridges Cove: North Island Viewpoint will be a rewarding experience, even if challenging. While it’s super easy to get to the point where one can clearly see the beautiful natural bridges, accessing them is hard, even dangerous. This is because the descent is steep and slippery: a combination that requires a little more nerve and poise.

Other scenic trails in Samule Boardman which are moderately challenging are Indian Sands Trail, Lone Ranch South Trail, and Thomas Creek Whaleshead Beach Trail.

Here’s the truth. For its breathtaking scenery, Oregon is a slice of heaven. These trails provide a window into Beaver State’s magical elegance.